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What's Your Age?


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I logged my response to the poll. I had already noticed that this is a sport/game that attracts a more mature crowd. The results so far seem to point at the 31 to 50 year olds making up just over 50% of those polled. I think part of the reason is that this is the "have a family" age range, and that it costs a few hundred bucks to buy a GPSr in order to be involved. Few teenagers or early 20's have that sort of money to buy the equipment, or will prioritize their spending in order to buy a GPSr.


I'm 50, going on 51, and most people that meet me don't believe I'm that old.

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With 12-20 being such a big area, as of now they are only making up 5.4%. I thought 18 and 19 somethings would be all over this. I guess video games won out.


And 61-70 only being 3%. Of course they wouldn't be the highest, but with people retiring early in this bracket, I thought there would be more there too.


I'm in!

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Put in my $.02 worth. I was #2970 overall and #204 in my age group.


Maybe I was a bit hasty since I haven't even made my first find yet, but It will be happening in the next week, and I've already planned for my first hide this spring, as soon as I can get into the area where I want to leave it.

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Proud to be a part of that 12-20 group :unsure: (14)

I am probably a member of a small minority, as I am the one who drags my parents out to find caches instead of the other way around :laughing:


Just a few days ago I went and placed a cache during my lunch break at school, managed to drag some friends along too. So just remember- Next time that annoying group of all-giggles, teenage-girl muggles gets in your way of finding a cache- are they really all muggles?


- ClanBlakley #3

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