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What's Your Age?


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I noticed someone has started an new thread in "Getting Started" asking people to give their ages. There's an old thread in this area asking the same thing. The problem with asking people to post their ages, there's no way to summarize the results (Also, some people don't want to state their ages publicly :P ). So, I've created a poll, and I'm asking everyone to give there age one more time. This will really let us see the pattern of geocacher ages.



Go Here and enter your age anonymously.


Then look at the results to see the pattern.


Also, post something here saying you did it so this thread won't slide off the radar screen.


Did it. So few geocachers/benchmarkers/waymarkers my age.

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That's all wrong... the 21 year old's should not be lumped with the 30 year old's.


When you reach 63 you don't mind who you're 'lumped' with - as long as it isn't with the 64+ group! :(

I don't like being lumped with the 21 year olds...


I recently saw a survey that listed 18-23, 23-29, 30-49, 50+ Talk about lumping...

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Was surprised to see how many people my parent's age GC, considering they think it's a waste of time. I'm 30 and LOVE it. Go figure. Just confirms that my dear parents are not normal - something I figured out when I was 15.


There's an old addage contributed to Mark Twain: "When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."


In the 9 years since then, I have come to love and appreciate them all that much more - but they're still weird. =0)

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These are pretty much the results you would expect. A hand held GPS is something not a lot of older teenagers and college aged people can just up and buy for a game, as $100 can be pretty steep for someone trying to make tuition payments in addition to other bills. I could barely afford food when I was in college, there's no way I was going to buy a GPS, even though I've known about it for a while and it always looked interesting. That's not to say they don't enjoy it. I got a GPS for Christmas and so I just started. I took my 19 year old brother out with me yesterday and we found our first one. He really loved it.

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