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What's Your Age?


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Done...But also surprised to see 3 of them over 90! (I think someone is pulling our leg!) :D


Come on you kids! :D


I'm one of the 2 in the 71-80 bracket and assuming I stay as healthy as my dad and most of my other relatives I expect to still be out there at 90+. But I might not do the five mile hike in the mountains caches anymore. And just last week I decided not to climb 20 feet up in a magnolia tree to retrieve a cache I could see up there (NOT a suspended one) North Campus Bookstore


There are plenty of 1-2-3 terrain caches to keep us busy and more seniors than you think out there looking for them. But most of us are to busy to spend much time in the forums so I suspect the poll numbers are a bit low on the upper end.

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