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What's Your Age?


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I noticed someone has started an new thread in "Getting Started" asking people to give their ages. There's an old thread in this area asking the same thing. The problem with asking people to post their ages, there's no way to summarize the results (Also, some people don't want to state their ages publicly <_< ). So, I've created a poll, and I'm asking everyone to give there age one more time. This will really let us see the pattern of geocacher ages.



Go Here and enter your age anonymously.


Then look at the results to see the pattern.


Also, post something here saying you did it so this thread won't slide off the radar screen.

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With 12-20 being such a big area, as of now they are only making up 5.4%. I thought 18 and 19 somethings would be all over this. I guess video games won out.


And 61-70 only being 3%. Of course they wouldn't be the highest, but with people retiring early in this bracket, I thought there would be more there too.

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