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Garmin Etrex Venture question


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I'm trying to get it to show road map type features (such as highways, major city roads) but when I type in my city (Rapid City, SD) it says none found. I'm outside with the unit (getting a good signal) when I'm doing this. Any ideas?


It is not entirely clear what you are trying to do, or which GPSr you are running. If it's the classic b/w Venture, it won't show map features. It's not a mapping receiver.


If you are talking about a Venture CX, read on.


If you are trying to see map features on the basemap, cycle through the screens to the map screen. Your profile says you are in Rapid City so when you look at the map you should be seeing Rapid City. Done deal.


If you are trying to find Rapid City (because you are not there) , select then Find|Cities.


If you are very far from Rapid City (Like I am in Dallas) you might have to Find|Cities|Find By Name .


If this is your first few moments with the GPS, you may need to set the gps down for a few minutes for it to figure out where it is the first time. Also remember to download the webupdater thing to update the firmware.

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