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Need help adding waypoints to explorist 500


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How do you send waypoints to the sd card or to internal memory using gsak to the explorist 500. I just got this 500 and have loaded my maps but can not get my waypoints to load. Please help!!!!

You need to use their software or put the waypoints in manually.


Or use any of the free applications out there to get info into your GPSr. Namely GPSBabel.

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Explorists 210, 400,500,600, XL work with waypoints differently than other GPSrs. All waypoints must be in a file, not dumped into the "working memory" like most other units. You can create, modify, add waypoints to files using various programs. Then you need to put them into the correct folder in internal or SD memory. I recommend GSAK as an essential program , along with GPSBabel.

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Ok everything was working but now the points are not showing up. The file is there I go to Menu/preferences/active setup and the file is there. When I go to Pts of interest/geocache pts/enter/up one level/enter/ there the file is select it enter but nothing comes up. I don't know what is wrong. They were there until I set my home in the gps as pts of interest I named it the same as the cache file but I put it in my pts of interest. I have even gone back deleted out the old cache file and put in another and named it something else.


no luck.

Please help.



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I had the same problem. I was told that you can only load one point at a time, and only LOC files using Magellan Geocache Manager.


At Geocaching.com I click the LOC file download and it opens up the geocache manager (you may have to right click on the file to assign Magellan Geocache Manager). I then name the file and send it to my GPS.


I hope this helps. If not, please email me and maybe we could chat. I am a native english speaker (unlike Magellan technical assistants).

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You should have multiple geocache waypoints in one file on your GPSr (either a .gs or a .upt file). If you only have one waypoint per file, all you'll see is one waypoint at a time. Annoying!


Take a look at my site for help about navigating and managing the eXplorist file systems. Once you get the hang of it (which shouldn't take long) you'll like it.



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