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Stonedcachers Hate mail

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I am trying to keep the hate mail out of my cache logs and coin logs. Please use this thread for all hate mail to the stonedcachers.


Some reasons you will see people hating me.


1 I called a guys cache crap, it was placed in the hight of rainy season in a cardboard containor and had been there for nine days and was turning to oatmeal... I called it crap, this is prolly where most of my hate will be comming from.


2 I said I think maybe whoever reviews my cache might be lazey, but who knows. this was construded as me saying someone I don't know nor have ever had any dealing is lazey.


3 The guy who's cache I called crap, replaced his cache, with a NEW CACHE. and NEW NAME. I posted my find as a find cause of the new cache and name. The owner says I'm posting multi finds for the same cache. That's fine he removed it. his choice (even tho it was a new cache replacing an old one). But some other guy jumps into the cache logs and starts flaming me telling me what's what assuming I don't know anything. Basicaly trying to make me look bad..


4 I smoke Marijuana and so does my entire group of cachers. Lots of people attack this right away.


So Whatever you've got against me, here's the place to say it! not in a log. thanks to all the people who use this and not the logs..

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