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Winter accessible vs. winter friendly


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This is my first winter caching and I am trying to approach caches during the snow months based on terrain, size(traditional, micro) and difficulty level. So, some questions on the intention of the attribute icons.....


Do most cache owners consider the "winter accessible" attribute icon to describe the cache location (park, trail) as being accessible/open in winter months? Or is it winter friendly?... (i.e. hidden in tree, above ground or somehow protected from snow/ice cover.) Aside from comments in the cache description, am I flipping a coin as the whether I will be digging in a foot of snow or not? I don't think in all cases the one icon can equal both.


Any opinions or general knowledge you can share? Any thoughts or past posts on whether an additional icon in the attribute listing would help? The existing snowflake for "accessible" and maybe another (snowman, etc?) for winter "friendly"?


All help and comments appreciated!

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i consider there to be three categories mostly:


caches that are available during winter and whose difficulty is still reasonable under snow


caches that are available during winter but are difficult to find under snow


cache that are unavailable during winter.


there's a lot of grey area with the first two. you have discretion about how much information you'll give as a hider; often winter availability makes too much of a hint.

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As you already see in this thread, there is a level of disagreement about what the attribute means. I personally think it means that a hunter will have a reasonable chance of finding the cache in snow. Of course that would include access to the area as well as the cache being in a place where it can be found under snow. In a previous thread on this subject it seemed most people agreed with that definition, but it wasn't unanimous.

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Thanks to all for the feedback so far. It seems this isn't as straight forward as I thought it might be.

So for now.....as most of the other icons describe access to the area or other area features (pets allowed, 24/7) I will lean towards winter accessible to mean the property or cache area is open in winter.


Glad to read a few see my point on the initial question... winter accessible doesn't by default mean winter friendly. I can understand the owners don't want a statement of winter friendly to lead to a presumption of "in a tree" or "off the ground". But, although I tend to wander in the snow so any direct tracks are not a spoiler...digging out 12" of snow in a 4 ft circle sure takes care of that.


Maybe a more precise definition of the attribute icon would help. It seems like most things...it is a matter of translation, if not debate.


Half the fun is learning as you go! Thanks

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Glad to read a few see my point on the initial question... winter accessible doesn't by default mean winter friendly.


I think most people agree that it does mean winter friendly. The vast majority of places are accessible in the winter somehow, if by foot, ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile, so an icon for that would be rather pointless.

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