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Post Icons and Clickable Smilies meanings

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Totally brand new to this so bear with me. When positing a new topic you have the chocice of inserting smilies in the text as well as choosing a post icon. Other then for the fun of it, is there any significant meaning to the expereined forum users and seasoned geocachers as to the different icons and smilies? Are the post icons reserved for speicific types of questions? i saw the <_< symbol used in mid sentence by a few different posters but couldnt figure out the meaning behind it.

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If you hover your mouse over the post icons - you will see something of a description for some of them. I think we all have our own slight variations as to what they mean to us.


<_< = I am putting on armor because I expect to take greif over what I say

:blink: = confused as to why something was said

:( = Indicates sarcasm or bad joke



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:rolleyes: This one is Signal eating ice cream. There are often post in the General Geocaching Discussion area about whether there are too many of one kind of cache or another or whether some kind of cache is not any good. Usually it's that there are too many micro sized caches or that most micros are lame. Since this topic comes up so much, some people tried to get it locked once by posting off-topic remarks about what flavor of ice cream they like. Someone made up this icon. It soon became clear that discussing your favorite flavor of ice cream was a metaphor for discussing your favorite (or least favorite) kind of cache. Now when there is a thread about what is wrong with a certain kind of cache, you can just post a picture of Signal eating ice cream. Some of these icons have a rich history that gives them a special meaning. :huh:
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