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Insert a log for a TB

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I've had a friend drop one of my TBs (actually a geocoin) in a cache in Melbourne. It's goal is to go back to Belgium.


I activated/released it here in Belgium, and my friend simply grabbed it from me, then dropped it in Melbourne. I thought that by activating it in Belgium, its mileage would have started here. In other words, I thought I would already be able to see its travel to Australia on Google Earth. Obviously, this does not work, which is quite logical, as I did not drop it in a cache in Belgium, so there's no way to know from where the mileage should be recorded.


So, my fault, I goofed <_< Now my question: is there any way I could recover that error and retroactively log it in/out one of my caches here in Belgium, say, one week before my friend logged his grabbing ?

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You can still work out the same deal with the current holder, you grab it, post-date log it, and they grab it back, or you can wait until it's dropped into a cache.


If it's in a cache, you would retrieve the bug, drop it in the orig cache with a post-dated note, retrieve it.


Now post a note on the current cache and drop the bug back in. Then delete that note. That's right, delete it.


On the Bug Page, delete both the logs showing that you retrieved and dropped the bug in the current cache. This will leave it in the cache and show the last cacher was the one to drop it.

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