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'crikey' geocoin

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Here is the link to the crikey coin info:



I copied this from the above link:




Below is the most recent email from the president of Coins and Pins dated 11-22-06 to me and the rest of the people on the Coinsandpins.com mailing list.


"The Crikey fundraiser geocoin has been delayed until February. While the response for this coin was very good; we are taking this opportunity to make design changes so we can appeal to a larger audience, enhance the design, and increase the amount we will be able to donate. Recommendations we received from some customers were very good ideas that we will incorporate. The project was a little rushed in the beginning to have sales completed before the end of 2006, however we want to slow down a little and make sure we do the project to the best of our abilities. This will hopefully help raise more money for the Wildlife Warriors fund. After all, it is good for us to give to nature which has given so much to us."

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Yea, I wondered what happened too. I hope they don't forget about the people that reserved to buy :unsure:

Actually, Coins and Pins doesn't do reservations. They sent out the email for you to reply to with the number you wanted in the subject line. They use that to figure out how many coins to mint. But, when the coins arrive, they'll send out another email letting us know when they'll be on sale at their site. Then, it's a free-for-all.

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