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Can you down load coordinatess from your palm to GPS


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Can you down load coordinatess from your palm to your GPS? I do not have a laptop and would like to know if there is way to send coordinatess from you plam to your GPS???


The short answer is "maybe".


The longer answer is dependant on which palm and which gps. I can download from my treo to a legend.

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Yes, you can do it with either Cachemate or Cetus. Both will send waypoints to your GPS, if you have the proper plugins and a cable. Bluetooth only works with NMEA, and you can't exchange waypoints with a Garmin via NMEA, so you have to have a cable for that. It's a rather severe shortcoming of Garmin, but I doubt it will change.

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I can upload coordinates with Cachemate to my sportrac and to my 60cx but I have to use the serial connection and join the cables with a null modem connector. The USB connection on the Garmin doesn't support this transfer. You can also pull the coordinates of your current position from the GPS directly into Cachemate's location based searches (saves some typing).

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