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how old are the geocachers?


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17 and finally able to drive by myself.:)

Uh oh, I'll have to keep an eye out for you on the road if I do some caching up your way. :laughing:


As for the topic, I'm 29. I definitely seem to be younger than the average for the local caching community, though there are more and more young cachers popping up.

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Last time I posted on here, I was 82. That was five years ago. I am 87 and the wife is 85. Been going strong since August of 2001, except last year i was recovering from open heart surgery and Arlene had a stroke. Leaving tomorrow heading East to Jackson, Wy to visit our grandson and do a little geocaching.


Glad to see you are still out and going strong even after having a set back last year. Have fun on your trip East.


As for the topic:


B: 40

S: 37

A: 13

R: 11


The Holmestead

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I am 29-Z. I have cached with cachers from @1 month old, up to 85 years old. There are millions of cachers around the world of all ages, from all walks of life.


Just make sure your mom and dad know that you're posting in the forums. See rule number 1. (For good reasons)


Forum Guidelines


1. To post in the Groundspeak Discussion Forums, you must be 18 years or older, or under the supervision of your parent or legal guardian.


Happy caching! You'll always have something to do and places to go exploring!

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First we have the "cache police", now we have the "age" police?? Geeze. Leave it alone, let the people at Groundspeak police the forums. I started getting SS a couple of years ago and couldn't care less if someone less than 18 posts here. go for it.

what? is there a cover charge for cachers under 21?

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