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how old are the geocachers?


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35 if you check the calender, but I stopped doing that at the age of 25.


Edit: so out of curiousity (and boredom) I averaged the first page replies.


totaly unscientific of course. I think the 1 and 2 yr olds shouldnt have been included but I did anyway. I just cant imagine they are really hunting that much. I could be wrong Im sure :rolleyes:


Ave: 33 yrs old

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Sounds like a buttload of fun!

I'm not sure that "Buttload" and "Fun" should be used in the same sentence... :)


This is a great thread. I have been reading a lot of posts and have formed mental pictures of a few of the members. Now that I have an age to go with my mental picture, I was a bit off on a few of them...


Closing in on 38 here.


Syndam Jr. is almost 10

Symdamette Jr. is 12. She doesn't cache... yet. I'm guessing it just isn't cool enough.

Mrs. Syndam just looks forward to having the house to herself while I am out caching.

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"Li" is 41 3/4 (being a bit of a math geek, we're really into those fractions :anitongue: )


"Ha" has one of those "milestone birthdays" coming up in 8 months, he is only a little younger than "Li" so we'll let you do the math and figure that one <_<


Both "Ju" and "Sa" were born in July (no they are not twins :unsure:, when that month comes around this year they will be 6 and 4 respectively, or per the above, 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 would be more accurate :anibad: ).

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Last time I posted on here, I was 82. That was five years ago. I am 87 and the wife is 85. Been going strong since August of 2001, except last year i was recovering from open heart surgery and Arlene had a stroke. Leaving tomorrow heading East to Jackson, Wy to visit our grandson and do a little geocaching.

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