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how old are the geocachers?


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Old enough to have a daughter who was a senior in college in 2003 who brought home the idea of geocaching on her last spring break. :laughing: And we didn't wait to get a GPS unit to start caching. We found our first six without a unit, the next seven with a borrowed one.

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I thought I would start a thread to see how old everybody is. I was just wondering what age bracket this hobby seems to attract? I just turned 41 here in California... :laughing:

50 as of Jan.2, 2007! Rocks don't even live this long! My youngest son who usually comes with me is 14. Also, have 22 yr. old son(left the nest), 21 yr. old daughter in college, 16 yr. old daughter and 9 yr. old daughter.



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You could find out be looking here. I'm 46 by the way.


thanks for the post. i just wanted to see how much this hobby has changed with the age groups since it started. it definately has my interest. thanks for the replies and keep them coming all... :unsure:

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