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New Sequoia National Park 2007 Geocoins

Dr. Whoever

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See the pictures and description below and send an e-mail if you would like an invoice sent to you.






WORLDWIDE: $7.49 per coin (Gold or Silver)

USA + Canada SHIPPING: $1.50 First Coin; $0.50 each additional coin.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: $3.25 First Coin; $0.75 each additional coin.



ROUND: Size: 1.75” Imitation Hard Enamel

Thickness: 3.5 mm coin

Metal & Quantity: 250 Shiny Silver

Trackable: Yes, www.geocaching.com

Icon: Yes, Tree Shaped

Activation Codes: www.coincodes.com

Unique Features: 10 Color Front Imitation Hard Enamel with 3-D on the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Native American Head of the sign. Transparent Enamel around the outer ring giving this coin INCREDIBLE looks! The back side depicts the Grizzly Bear, a Sequoia pine cone and California with Sequoia National Park highlighted. There is also a bunch of info on the park in raised lettering.


TREE: Size: 1.75” 3-D

Thickness: 3.5 mm coin

Metal & Quantity: 250 Antique Gold

Trackable: Yes, www.geocaching.com

Icon: Yes, Tree Shaped

Activation Codes: www.coincodes.com

Unique Features: Incredible detailed 3-D work to duplicate the General Sherman Giant Sequoia Tree “The Largest Living Thing On Earth”. The back side of the coin tells it all.



If you are interested in purchasing, please send an email to: canningcastle@charter.net

Subject: Sequoia National Park Geocoins

(Copy and paste this into the email)

Geo Nick:

Real Name:


Paypal Email:

Contact Email Address:

Quantity Per Design:

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All emails that have been recieved for the pre-orders have been responded to so far. If you have ordered and did not recieve a confirmation email from me please try again. Sometimes the emails generated from Groundspeak are slow or do not come through, thanks to all who have shown an interest in these coins.

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Once again, all the orders that i have recieved have been responded to as of right now. If you wanted to order either or both of these coins and I have not returned a reply email, please try again. They are going very, very fast. Almost all that are available for sale are gone. Thank you very much for the wonderful responses.

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Got mine yesterday (got some of each). The tree coin is going to be a great one for in micro's!! (I wish I'd bought more of them for this!)


And the round... man that relief is shiny... Had to put a pair of sunnies on! :ph34r: (Was it double pressed?) A very nice coin indeed CastleMan!

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