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1st personal geocoin

steel city babes

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The Post Master is quickly returning yours, to me. We can't have Bluejackets, Reds, OR BUNGELS fan in possession of such a fine geocoin.....LOL




Steel City Babes


I take it back....really...I do.At least until I have the coin in my possession! :huh::P

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Don't forget Ohios other NHL team. Go barons!




:huh: I thought about them just after I posted, but I'm not so sure they count anymore. But I suppose the Barons' replacements the Lake Erie Monsters would. :lol: Speaking of farm teams we can't forget the Cincinnati Cyclones, Toledo Mudhens, and Columbus Clippers. I also probably should have also mentioned the Indians and Browns, and while I'm at it, the Cavs too, just for good measure. :D


I still take it all back under threat of being left coinless. ;)


edit: clarification

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Activation At:






Just a Bump to the top because I know everyone should be receiving their coins in the next few days. Hopefully some of you will want to activate your coins and I forgot to place the activation information in the package :D , in my desire to get them out to you in a speedy manner :( .


Also I activated one and realized the icon isn't showing up at this time. :D I spoke with Rusty and he is in touch with the powers that be.... so hopefully this will be resolved in the next few days.



Thanks and enjoy,

Steel City Babes


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Well it is time to put this baby to bed.

It already was.... but just a quick THANKS AGAIN!!!.



I was going to send a mass e-mail but I figured this was quicker.



I want to thank all of you who, bought, traded, or did both. It has been a pleasure.


If you bought, I am assuming you received the coin by NOW.


I have received confirmation on all trades at this time, that my coins have been received. I haven't received a few coins at this time but communication has been made.


I hope you are enjoying them, and feel free to do as you please with them.


The few remaining coins will remain in my possession for possible trades, sell, and to be released shortly.


Thanks again,


Steel City Babes :wub:


Any comments or concerns please contact me.

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