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1st personal geocoin

steel city babes
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Hi, sent you a message but got an error back from gc.com. Please let me know if you received the message or not. Thanks.


I never received your e-mail, please send another if you are still interested. I also sent e-mail to your account stating the same, which includes my personal e-mail so you don't have to go through gc.com



Steel City Babes

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The finalized details of Steel City Babes very first geocoin were included in POST#41 :D


Okay just an update on who I have heard from so far: Trades and Buys


Creacher*********The Dream Cachers






Fairyhoney******Stuck on WGS84


TMOCM*********Team Sand Dollar




*****For those of you requesting a trade, I hope I touched base with all of you. We either have the details of the trade in the works or finalized. If I overlooked you please send and e-mail.


If your not on the list I haven't heard/received an e-mail or I misplaced it in which case I am sorry. <_<


I tried to shoot everyone an e-mail, that posted on here prior to the finalized details in POST#41, that the details were final and I was taking pre-orders.


Well Happy Caching,


Steel City Babes

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Finalized Artwork:





Hopefully I will have pictures of the actual coin available by weeks end.


In addition to those mentioned on POST 51, the following have inquired about buy and or trade of my personal coin.





K-Squared***********3 D's & A Pokey




Renruts*************Team Honeybunnies


keewee01***********Vegas Gamblers



~tasia~*************Two Happy Hikers

The 4 F's************Paulandstacey


Kootenay pirates


If I missed anyone, Please contact me through my geocaching profile.


I am handling the orders by myself so I am trying to stay on top of the e-mails and have the envelopes labeled and ready to go for when the coins arrive.


If your interested in ordering please see POST#41 for details.


Thanks again,

Steel City Babes



:unsure::blink: GO PENS!!!!! :grin::grin: going for 11 in a row tonight :P

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Have sent 2 emails and have not received any reply :laughing:


I am sorry I have sent replies to two e-mails in regards to discussing your request never had a return e-mail. I will resend the exact e-mail again. You will see I responded to your first request on 2/7/2007. sorry for any confusion.


Please contact me and I am sure we can work things out.



Steel City Babes

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Well, thanks for the quick reply here, yay technology! :laughing:


I haven't gotten any of your responses for some reason...I'm guessing it's something to do with hotmail on my end...grrr.


Have you tried just contacting us through our geocaching.com profile?


I responded to your e-mail which was a hotmail account. I just sent it again. did you not receive it.

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Not getting anything here. I always check inbox and filtered e-mail as well, just in case. Hotmail has been very slow for me on occassion, but I have't gotten any e-mails from you . I posted here because I assumed they weren't getting through, but it seems like I'm not receiving the replies.


Curse you Bill Gates! :laughing:


Okay sent another through your profile...Did you get it? :laughing:

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Okay invoices have been sent through paypal. If you didn't receive one and you should have let me know I am new to this so we see what happens.


I expect the coins in mid March, sent invoices now because I happen to be off this weekend. I will post when the coins come in to let everyone know approximate delivery to you.


Thanks again

Steel City Babes


Oh still some Gold and Silver coins available -no more trades for the LE -Black nickel...Sorry

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Hello all,


Just an update, everyone that I had an order for was invoiced. (The last few tonight.) Most of the trades have been finalized...a few still working out details.


I have received payment from all but 9 people, I will touch base with those on an individual basis in about a week or so. I may have the sent the invoice incorrectly or you could be waiting on funds.


***If for some reason you didn't receive an invoice through paypal and think you should have please contact me.


Remaining inventory is as follows:

17 Gold

22 Silver


If you are interested please submit a purchase request through my profile.


Include the following....

Geocaching name:

Real Name:

Mailing address:

paypal e-mail:

# of coins and metal


Coins are $8.50. USA shipping as follows: $2.00 for 1st coin...$1.00 for any additional. International shipping on an individual basis.



Steel City Babes


Next update will be when coins are being shipped to everyone. I am expecting them next week and hopefully I will have them shipped to you by the next weekend.

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If you placed an order, requested a trade, or both......


All coins are being shipped tomorrow morning.




I must say I think the coins turned out rather well....in fact they are AWESOME... :D


I am very pleased with the results and I am sure you will enjoy like them as well.


Thanks you all for your support!!!

Happy Caching :D

Steel City Babes


****I did this on my own so if there was an issue with your order.....please contact me ASAP. I have all the e-mails/and paypal invoices from everyone requests/payments so we can track back and verify the orders.

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