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60csx or 76?


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OK, I am getting ready to buy a new GPS and wanted your opinions. What is the difference between the 60 and 76? Besides the antennae. Which one did/would you buy? I currently have the etrex yellow and it has served me well. I just want the mapping capabilities and auto routing. Thanks :)


I'll assume you're comparing 60Cx versus 76Cx....?


Functionality wise they are pretty much the same. The biggest (main?) difference is physical - size, weight, shape, button configuration. Have you had a chance to hold both of them? Your preference for button configuration (on bottom for 60, on top for 76) may decide the issue for you...


If you have a store nearby where you can pick them up and hold them - I would suggest you do that before you decide.



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The 76C(S)x has a problem with tabs in the battery compartment snapping off particularly when in use on an almostly daily basis. The 60C(S)x has different setup to hold batteries and the tabs don't seem to snap off. Intermittent, casual use and this problem may not pop up.


Other than that, it is a preferential thing as to where you like the buttons, above or below the screen. The 76 floats and has double the memory, but I would recommend replacing the card with a 1 or 2G card anyways.

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What is the difference between the 60 and 76? Besides the antennae.


The antenna is the same.


I went with the 60CSX because I preferred its smaller size and I like the buttons on the bottom. I also like the screw mount for the belt clip on the back. The 76 doesn't have that and in the end, that was probably the most important factor for me. My 60 fits the cell phone mount on my dashboard and I would have had to buy a special mount for a 76.

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