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Alert: Coins released with duplicate tracking numbers…


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This message applies to both activated and unactivated coins for only these three coin series listed below. We have already been in contact with our clients about these coins:

- Nomex personal geocoin

- Zuma and Jesse personal geocoin

- Brady Bunch Boys personal geocoin



We have discovered an error with duplicate tracking numbers etched on some of these listed coins that are the same tracking numbers etched on some of the other personal coins listed above.


Unactivated coins:

If you have one of these three listed coins in your possession or come across one that is supposed to be unactivated, please enter the tracking number at Geocaching.com and read the instructions listed on the coin's page about how to have this problem fixed and receive a new unactivated coin.


Activated coins:

If you have already activated the coin without any difficulties, then no action is needed on your part. We are sending an information email to your Geocaching.com account explaining the details.


If you find one of these coins, and it is activated to a different coin than intended, please contact customerspt@CoinsAndPins.com so we can provide you with instructions on how to receive a replacement coin.


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We are thankful for your help in rectifying this situation and keeping the sound integrity of the geocoin tracking system.


Thank you,


The CoinsAndPins.com staff.

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