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Coordinate differences from geocaching.com to GSAK

Brady McCullough, Jr.

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I'm still fairly new to geocaching and just learned that my Garmin eTrex Legend can load up to 500 waypoints. I really have 2 questions. I noted in my test that the coordinates that end up in the GSAK file are not the same on the geocaching.com page. Does this matter? Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

2nd question: I also noticed that some of the attributes from the geocaching page didn't come through in the GSAK file; such as type of cache, when it was placed, the state, number of logs and date of last log,etc. Any suggestions on this problem?

I have learned a lot from reading many of your discussions and I hope someone out there will help me.

Thanks :unsure:

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The Legend will hold 1000 waypoints with the latest firmware update. You can download it from Garmin.


The coordinates are the same, but they can be displayed in different ways. You can choose to view the coordinates in GSAK as decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, or degrees, minutes, and seconds. They're all the same location, just displayed in a different format. Most people set GSAK to show degrees and decimal minutes, because that's what gc.com shows, and what most GPSrs take.


If you get .loc files, you'll only get the name and location. The other stuff isn't in the file. To get .gpx files, with all the information, you need to be a premium member and give Jeremy some money.

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