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I had some dealings with thegpsstore.com this Christmas. My wife ordered the wrong case for my Garmin 76CSx, and I actually cut open the plastic blister case it was sealed in before I realized it. I called them & explained what happened, and that I had opened the packaging already. Their response, "Thats OK, I will send you the case you want and send you (via email, just printed it & attached to package) a return label for the case you opened". They just charged the new case to the same CC, & canceled the charge from the old case (I have recieved my statement, & they did just that). With this curtious & fast customer service, I will DEFINATELY do business with them again. It is hard to find good online prices from an online retailer & get great service too. I highly recomend them.

And NO, I do not work for them, nor do I know anyone that does. :(






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I second the recommendation of thepgsstore.com. I ordered some stuff from them including two USB cables for my laptop and my work computer. I then found two cables form digital cameras that were the same. The order had already shipped when I contacted them, but they took them back and I received the credit on the same statement as the original charge. I have them bookmarked.

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Amazon is my first choice for online purchases now. Here's an example of why:


- the Vista cx I ordered in December worked for about 3 days and then quit. Just would not turn on. I contacted Amazon and they had a new unit on the way to me the next day. No hassle at all. The new unit works fine.


- the price of the Vista cx went down by $17 a few weeks after I first ordered it. I contacted Amazon and they refunded $17 to my credit card. Again, no hassles.


I have never, ever had a problem with Amazon. The prices are hard to beat and the service is first class.

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Who buying online and from what sites





I have bought two now from www.buygpsnow.com. I had to return the first unit as it failed within a day of purchase and the return service and customer service was outstanding. The second unit I bought as a replacement has worked flawlessly. I recommend these folks for their customer service. Prices are competitive and they have a lot of different makes and models. They also offer some "freebies" (like dash vent mounts) with a number of their products.



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I order a new magellan from tigergps.com yesterday. My first time but they had a real good price (249.00). This is the best price I have found. Megagps.com is out and don't know when they will any more.


Box Contents:


eXplorist 500 GPS receiver

USB Cable

Rechargeable Li-ion battery

AC Cable

"Read Me First" pamphlet

User Manual on CD-Rom

Magellan MapSend DirectRoute v3.0 DVD-ROM

Suction Cup Vehicle Mounting Bracket

Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter

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I purchased the Venture CX from gpscity.ca (Calgary, Alberta, Canada location,; the map software from Amazon.com (lowest price) and the flash memory from bestbuy.ca - all good no problems.


I just ordered City Navigator from GPSDiscount.com and got it in 5 days with a $5 mailing cost. They even included a XL Tee-shirt with their logo on it! Whoop-tee-doo!

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