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Willow Creek Trail



February 18 by PezCachers (3464 found)

Have never been in this area before and we enjoyed the loop. As we were signing in we heard a family coming up the trail so we hurried and did our trade and put the cache back in its place.

At the switchback... before us stood Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), of the Star Ship Enterprise NX-01 and his crew!


Playing it cool and not wanting to get beamed anywhere we answered their questions about the trail and made our way back down to the kiosk.

Thanks for the stash!

T- Pez, yes, we took a pez imagine that!

L- Sponge Bob in a bubble


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We weren't caching, but here's our closest to it!


We met up with the man our son's hockey coin was made after.

, the MOST penalized man in all of hockey. He was absolutely the nicest guy and loved the kids. He signed a puck, a previous picture and of course our hockey coin. He was thrilled we made it for him. He said it was tough to sign and smudged a little bit, but I thought it would be cool to share here.





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Wow where do I start? Haven't met anyone while cahing but in my life time I have met and thanks to my uncle who is in the biz.


Denis Leary twice.

Kevin Dillion (Drank next to him at a bar in NYC, my uncle knew him)

Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) Spoke with him for a while he was a really cool guy. Actually asked me who I thought might win in a fight Either T-2 or Robocop.

Mike Pagarulo (NY Yankees)

Dave Winfield (Sat next to his aunt at a Yankee game years ago and didn't believe her that Dave was her nephew til he came over at the end of the game and she introduced us...lol) My Bad.

Harvey Keitel (Really short guy) plus my wife used to teach his kid.

Jim Norton of the Opie and Anthony radio show.

The Cast of Rescue Me.

Shook hands with Gov. Pataki.

Hung out and drank beers with the band the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. :D

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Not geocaching, but:


all in Manhattan except the last two,

Sigorney Weaver while jogging in Riverside Park

Robin Williams in Grand Central Station (while filming the Fisher King)

Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin in a Sushi restaurant

Hugh Jackman just walking on the street

Robert DiNero just walking on the street

Yoko Ono coming out of a movie theater

A handful of NY Jets players where I work, Morristown, NJ

Bobby McFerrin in a movie theater in Pittsfield, MA

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D'oh! I forgot the greatest famous person I met on the hunt: the Philly Phanatic!


I was traveling down Ocean Drive heading into Sea Isle on 23 November 2002 heading to ski's Follow the Gull cache when traffic came to a crawl. The Phanatic was in the middle of the road doing a promotion for some car wash. He approached and tossed an Armor All pack and a flyer in my open window.



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I know this is not a "real" famous person but a reality star. Back in December 07, my son and I did a cache in San Juan Capistrano. We were on a dirt trail, part walking/part horse trail, and as we were getting out of my cachemobile I noticed a couple walking toward us on the trail. I was preping the GPS & swag bag when the couple walked by, and I politely said hello. Well it was Laurie (from Real Housewives of Orange County) and her new hubby taking their evening walk. Laurie glanced at me with a look of "do you recognize me?!" I did, but I could care less about her.

My son and I found the cache and were heading back to our vehicle when they walked by again. Again she gave me that look. She must have gotten accustomed to the "fame" from the show. Her hubby looks better in person than on TV, and Laurie wears way too much makeup! Now I do live in OC, I love it here! I also watch "the Real Housewives" off and on. I watch it to keep me grounded. I never want to become arrogant about myself, and dismissive about my family, especially about my child.

Oh the cache hide was awesome! It is part of the "On A Mission" series of caches.

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I know this one may be hard to believe that is why we took this picture. We were caching in Las Vegas and we happened to see Elvis. NO JOKE!!!!! We had to take a picture of him with my wife and I. Seeing is believing right? This happened in Febuary of 2005. He is alive!! :unsure: And he now drives that Red Jeep in the background! SWEET!!!!!

Thanks Elvis for the once in a life time picture. And everyone thought you were dead and gone. GEEZ. What do all the people know?




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Nothing while caching, but...


As a little kid I used to deliver Jim Varney's newspaper (Earnest P Worl) he was a great guy, I cried when he died.

I waited on Jevon Kerse (too lazy to look up spelling right now) a football player for the Titans, he came into the mcdonalds I worked for in a tiny town north of Nashville

Eddie George (Titans football player) came into the same mcdonalds drive thru, was driving out just as I walked in

There was a hockey player from the Nashville Preditors who came in the mcdonalds once, for the life of me I can never remember his name, he stopped and talked to me and my two friends for a bit, the one had made some very "adult" jokes in front of him while we were working, not realizing he was there so the friend was appolagizing for what he said, he was great about it, found it funny and talked with us for a while then mentioned he had to go so he didn't miss his curfew. We gave him a weird look cuz we were ages 17-20 and we had no curfew while he looked early 30's and had a cerfew. Thats when he explained he was so and so player for the Preditors and had a game the next day.

Last summer my hubby went to eat at a burger king in Nashville and the actor from the movie "accepted" that dresses up like a weiner came in and sat at the table just behind my husband and was talking about he had to return to LA for a new movie he was taping.

In Oregon I watched from my bedroom window while they taped a scene from Free Willy (where Jesse runs out to a building over the water, that was about a block or two from my house)

The house that the family in Free Willy lived in belonged to the family of a guy I went to school with, they had to completly move out everytime they decided to tape another movie.

My best friend in 4th grade was an extra in the first Free Willy, the scene where Willy is supposed to do a show but freaks out, my best friend sat right in front of Jesse's parents.

My family almost rented the house from the "Goonies" movie, but they wanted too much.

I went to school in the school from "Kindergarten Cop"

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When I was in high school the Temptations came into the McDonald's I worked at. That was cool because I was probably the only 17 year old in there that recognized them. I also got to meet the Flying Elvi at Harrah's grand opening in Kansas City and got all of their autographs. They are in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas at the end when Nicolas Cage jumps out of the plane with them.

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Another 'not while caching' experience....


I was out hiking in the redwoods of northern California when I ran into Big Foot, or Sasquatch, as he likes to be called. (Turns out he has a complex about his huge feet. But that's another story.)


He was just sitting along the riverbank sipping his morning dew while leaning back on a rock with his enormous legs propped up on a log.


You can imagine my shock! And as startled as I was, I continued to approach him and called out, "Good morning!" Of course, this startled him in turn and he just about jumped out of his skin! Regaining his composure, he looked over, knodded his head and said, "Wassup?"


We spent the morning chatting about global warming and the negative effects of carbon emissions on the Northwest ecosystems.


Ugh! Who knew Big Foot was such a talker?! Anyway, we split company and went our separate ways. We exchanged numbers but I never return his calls (he can talk for hours....talk...talk...talk).

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Well -- let me think of them all -- not while caching, but I've met a few people you may have heard of.


When flying home from Marine Corps boot camp in 1977, Omar Bradley was on the same plane as I was. Of course, as a PFC it was hard for me to approach him, but I did!


I've played trombone for 40+ years, and I was in a "pickup" band for Frankie Valli once. The Fireballs were on the same concert, and in fact, they live in this area. I never knew! And of course, the recording studios here in Clovis are the ones made famous by people like Buddy Holly!


I've met or emailed with well-known trombonists around the world, too -- people like Denis Wick, Doug Yeo, etc. Of course, if you're not into "high-brow" music, you may not recognize these names. Oh, JJ Johnson, too, God Rest His Soul.


Met the Mangione family on an airplane once -- I approached Chuck, told him he looked a lot like someone, and we really like the music "that guy" produced! He was really happy to have a perfect stranger tell him that.


And I went all through school, from 1st grade through high school, with a guy named Steve McMichaels -- you can read a little about him here -- he got his nickname because he used to imitate the character with the same name from the Blazing Saddles movie. He was a good fighter back in high school, too, but don't ask me how I know! :)


But not while caching -- I tend to try and be as private as possible while caching. Usually if I see another person around, I wait until they're gone or I can't stay any longer, in which case I skip the cache.

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I'm afraid I haven't seen any famous people while caching, but did see the Time Bandit--one of the ships shown on Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" (in fact I'm watching the show right now :D ). I had already found the nearby cache and was just in the park enjoying the nice weather and views of downtown Seattle, when I noticed it was docked a few hundred feet away. I'll have to bring my camera next time and take a picture.

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Here's a very famous "person". The smaller version being held (by Klemmer) is a travel bug Wizard Mickey. Picture taken at Mickey's house in California.

Mickey was very cool, and whispered to me "Travel Bug", so he knew what it was! I got a very nice thank you from the TB owner, whose kids were very excited about the picture with Mickey.



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Yesterday on the way to the first wp for a multi Margaret Mahy walked past walking her dog. I wanted to rush up and tell her about my favourite story of hers (shes an author) and how I remember listening to her read at the local library as a child, but I thought that would be too embrassing so didn't.

Margaret Mahy has won lots of prizes for her writing including Hans Christian Andersen Award which is sometimes known as the "Little Nobel Prize".

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What if you are out caching before and after meeting someone famous. Does that count as meeting them while caching?


Recent folks I've met and either gotten their autigraph and/or a my picture made with them:

Ace Frehley Band (Ace is formally a KISS member)

Amber Tamblyn (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

Bobby Brown

Cinderella Band Member (don't know his name)

Jerry Sienfeld

Johnny Depp

Kenney Chesney

Kix Brooks

Robert Plant


Tom Arnold

Snoop Dogg

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus


I'll post pics only if requested.

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Had my 21st birthday dinner with Jimmy Page. I worked at the sister club of The Ritz where he was playing, Heartbreaks, and that was my present.


Grew up with the American Chopper guys.


Played frisbee with KISS when my dad guarded them at Stewart Airport in upstate NY and later subletted off of one of the band members.


Worked in one of John Gotti's restaurants when I was a kid.


Used to hang in BB King's place in Beacon NY and met him many times.


Alice Cooper in a store when I was on the Job; thought he looked familiar, but didn't recognize the name, Vincent Furnier, so dismissed it until I found out later....


I waitressed for a period of time in Atlantic City and waited on many, some became regulars:

The Band Styx

Larry Holmes

Vinnie Falcone

Norm Crosby

Dom DeLouise


and probably more, but I can't remember right now....


And to hit the infamous; I once shot pool with a serial killer, Nathaniel White, in NY at the same time he was on his killing spree. Kicked his butt and pissed him off. I was the bartender where he found a couple of his victims. Plus I AM in AC and work for a union now, so I met a few 'connected' people....

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