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Notification Enhancement


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Just a couple suggestions to make the e-mail notifications more useful,


Could we add an option to notify only for caches that I have not found, since I don't need to know if the status has changed after I have found it.


Also to the list of cache types could we add an 'ALL' option, I would be willing to reduce the number of allowable notifications you can set up if this was an option.


Ideally the options for a notification would be the same as that for a PQ but that might be too complex for the server to process.

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Actually I am more interested in the disabled and archived notifications than the publish notifications. I would rather not go looking for a cache that gone away than rush out to get the FTF. Since I have already found the majority of those caches close to home it would be nice to filter out the notifications if I have already found them.

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I see only 13 cache types.

Traditional Cache


Virtual Cache

Letterbox Hybrid

Event Cache

Unknown Cache

Project APE Cache

Webcam Cache

Locationless (Reverse) Cache

Cache In Trash Out Event


Mega-Event Cache

Geocache Course


A Traditional Cache notification can be triggered any or ALL of these logs:

Found it

Retract Listing

Didn't find it

Temporarily Disable Listing

Archive Enable Listing


Update Coordinates

Publish Listing

Needs Maintenance


Notifications for other cache types also include any or ALL of their appropriate logs types.


From a single location, why would you need more than 13 notifications?

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