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I submitted a cache, that required the cacher submit evidence of having completed a series and then I would email the final coordinates, but it was rejected with this response:


Hi, I am reviewing your cache for listing on geocaching.com. Unfortunately, this cache cannot be published, at this time. It is against the guidelines to have the finder send you an email to get the actual cache coordinates.


Furthermore, and much more seriously, it violates the terms of use to share GPX files exported from geocaching.com. Both accounts could be banned or, at the very least, lose their premium member status.


Waypoint License Agreement:


"• Licensee shall not sell, rent, lease, sublicense, lend, assign, time-share, or transfer, in whole or in part, or provide access to the Data, Related Materials, any updates, or Licensee's rights under this Agreement to any third party whatsoever."


"• Licensee shall not remarket, resell, and/or redistribute the Data or any derived portion(s) of the Data in its digital form to any third party whatsoever."


If you have any questions, please email me directly at [redacted] . Please be sure to include the caches name and GC# or URL with your email.


NOTE: Do not reply to this email directly. The communication will not be received. To ensure a prompt response, please follow the method of contact described above.


Kind Regards,


Volunteer Cache Reviewer


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Have them gather clues as to the final location through the series. Don't get discouraged, work with the reviewer and try to get your cache going. I know you don't forsee any problems with an email but it is possible you will be on vacation, in the hospital or without internet service when an out-of-town cacher is looking for the final coordinates. Find a way to make sure the coordinates can be had 24/7.

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So, am I reading you right that in order to complete this cache a geocacher would have to complete a series of caches, then submit evidence of completion to you?


We have 3 caches like that here in Michigan one of which is Linda's Cache all of Michigan. And interestingly here is what she says about her idea, "Credit for this idea must be given to the same type of cache in California, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho".


I read this thread with much interest because I am comtemplating a very similar cache. It is to involve being FTF on another cache in order to log my cache. I was going to require the First to Finder of another cache to email me with proof and then I would email them the coords.


After much thinking here is what I came up with as an alternative. I would make the cache a puzzle cache. The cache would not be at the posted coords. Same requirements of being FTF on another cache after the publish date of my cache. Once you have done that you would then go to my profile page and get the actual coords which would be posted there for all to see(this would be stated in the cache description). You would be required to include in your log for my cache the GC# for your FTF so I could verify the FTF. Also clearly stated would be that all logs not meeting the requirements would be deleated.


This same technique could work for you as well.



AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI

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For a one time prize for a FTF I cannot see an issue with it. Heck I have been that FTF and received the coords as a "special mission". However, to do that for everyone that ever does the cache can be cumbersome.


As noted before... what if you go on vacation, lose interest, get sick, etc. Everyone going for the cache can't do it anymore. It's useless and is geotrash.


Don't take it so hard. They just want to ensure the cache is available 24/7.


And as much as it sucks, previous cache placements do not establish a precedent for future cache placements.

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Screw it. I don't think I'll add any more caches.


Awww dont do that!!! I know it hurts when a cache listing is not approved...or even delayed for that matter but they are just trying to adhear to the rules. I know I dont like all the rules but I figure if the rules are in place...there must be a good reason for them or they wouldnt have wasted thier time making them.


Place more caches...place them often...and come up here and place them too :blink:

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