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I'm Goin' Cachin'


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Today I’m goin’ cachin’


Today I’m goin’ cachin’

Cause I know those folks been stashin’

All their trinkets, their buttons and their dough.

Been out there in the woods

With their camo and their goods

Hiding caches most everywhere they go.


Through forest vale and bogs

Just to write in tiny logs

I go as often as I can.

My friends they think I’m looney

As I traipse across the boonies

Guess they just don’t really understand.


Digging through the trees

I crawl on hands and knees

To find another ammo can.

I go out most every day

Never work always play

To log another find that’s the plan.


I’m never really bored

While I plot another coord

And head out on another quest to find.

The muggles can be a problem

While I search from top to bottom

I’m sure they think I’ve lost my mind.


I go out at any cost

Cause I know I won’t get lost

I have my gps by my side.

Over hill and over dale

I know I’ll never fail

I just have to find another hide.


You won’t ever find me home

So don’t call me on the phone

It will ring and ring to no avail.

So grab your gps

And try your very best

To join me out along the trail.


Cause that is where I’ll be

My wife for company

Putting all our skills to the test.

Finding hides by Jen & Dean

Camel Jockey’s are sometimes mean

Raynebeau’s ,Yumitori’s and all the rest.

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