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Devil Ducky Derby Racers

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I am uploading a few of Black's pictures from the past year. There are a _lot_ more neat travel pictures that don't feature Black Devil Ducky; I might post one or two later, just to make you all jealous of the great places he got to visit. :P



Grissel and Black Devil Ducky hiking in the San Gabriel mountains north of Los Angeles



pdg37 and Black Devil Ducky hiking in the San Gabriel mountains north of Los Angeles



BignUgly and ChicknChick with Black Devil Ducky in Pasadena, California



Black Devil Ducky and two other TBs on the dashboard of emandel's car in Yellowstone

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The Black Devil Ducky has enjoyed an impressive year earning both the Earth Ducky and Grand Prix awards as well as numerous lesser accolades.


Congratulations and THANKS to Emandel for being an absolutely terrific Devil Ducky host! We can hardly wait to see what new geo-adventures await the Black Devil Ducky in 2008...




Quack! Quack!

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The Blue Devil Ducky Derby Racer was fortunate enough to get a second awesome visit to the BIG Orange Travel Bug Convention Center (GCK8ZV). Huge THANKS to MaxB on the River for being a terrific Devil Ducky host!





"Michigan Presidential Primary" Tour

Shown are TB's: Captain Jack, Fastball Frank, Devil Duck Derby Racer: Blue, KDDidit's 2nd Silver Scout coin, Blue Lamb coin, Keepin up with the Bones, Stevie Pointer TB, George, GR8 Eyes Take Note, and Big Green Machine.



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These duckies are too cute! Where can you get them? Is it too late to join the group and send out some duckie tb's?

Howdy Nochipra,


Thanks for the very kind comments!


The Devil Ducky Derby Race began a little over a year ago and is still going strong. To participate you simply need to pick up one of these little devils whenever one lands in a cache near you. The race is ongoing and you can access all the Derby Racers from any Devil Ducky TB page. Just pick one up and help it race along! Some of them have had absolutely amazing geo-adventures and one has even found a TB girlfriend...




It is the awesome geocachers who find and move these guys along that really make the race work. If you help a Devil Ducky achieve any award, you will become that Derby Racer's official Devil Ducky Sponsor. Well, at least until someone else snatches the title away! In the meantime, this thread acts as a scrapbook for some of the fun pictures (though certainly not all of them) so everyone can share in the devilishly good fun.




Quack! Quack!

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Have you ever wondered how far south a duck can fly for the winter? Here is our current Derby Race champion, the Black Devil Ducky, enjoying a chilly visit to Antarctica and the No Further South From Here (GCHN13) Geocache:










We are amazed by the many incredible places the Devil Ducky Derby Racers have visited during their travels, but this one absolutely takes the cake!






Quack! Quack!

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The globetrotting Physicschick recently helped the Black Devil Ducky reach the geographical South Pole. Here are a few excellent pictures of their journey:



Enjoying "Duck Soup" in New Zealand



Our Intrepid Adventurers!



WatchDuck - Guarding The Gear



Talk About Flying First Class!



Silhouette Of A Champion


Huge THANKS to Physicschick for allowing us to vicariously share in such a wonderful geo-adventure!




Quack! Quack!

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Here is the Blue Devil Ducky participating in MaxB's "Giants NFC Champs" Tour Group:



Shown are TB's: Team Jsam's Sacramento Bus Race, Robot Dog, George, Action Canyon, Spot, Vanell's Gnome Brigade coin, tdj's FL Finders Fest Coin, Buzz Lightyear, Don the Mastodon, Devil Ducky Derby Racer: Blue, Mr W's Class and RDJ Little Blackwater River.



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WOW! Why do I always hear about these things too late to get involved?


ETA: ahh, I thought this was a race anyone could submit duckies to participate in. Still cool though!

Ahhh, but you CAN participate!




Most of the TB races we have seen are about the TBs and the folks who own/release them. We decided to make this race about the TBs and the many awesome Geocachers who help them to race along! After all, it is the folks who move them that make this race a success! That is also why there are so many different award categories, so that the race is about more than just miles. The folks who move/host these Derby Racers can also become an official Devil Ducky Sponsor by helping a Devil Ducky achieve any award or by moving it a greater distance (in a single leap) than it has previously moved. There have already been some terrific battles between these web-footed racers! Green and Black have a fierce (and often quite funny!) rivalry going...


Notice there is no specific final destination or end date. The race will continue as long as there are active Devil Ducky contestants. We even have devilishly fun plans for these little quackers after they have died or been disqualified.




As the TB owners we neither win or lose; instead, we act as a sort of Derby Race referee. We are responsible for awarding achievements and settling any disputes between the Racers. We also have the dubious responsibility of tracking down and potentially disqualifying wayward contestants.


To participate you only need to follow the Derby Racer's adventures until one of them lands near you. Then you can grab it and help it race along, perhaps even winning an award or two!


Quack! Quack!

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The Blue Devil Ducky enjoys participating in another of MaxB's awesome Tour Groups:



Shown are TB's: Sandy the Crab, Cache Pirate, Team Squidwords Cache Movers Coin, Franzeseses Compass Rose Coin, Joshua M's Toucan Sam, KDDidit's 2nd Scout Coin, Devil Ducky Derby Racer Blue, Bob the Snowman, Rocky, and Going to CA & Back.



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The Green Devil Ducky considers a career in fire-fighting:








Eventually, Green realized that his natural Devil Ducky inclinations toward causing mischief would ultimately hinder his efficacy as a fire-fighter. Besides, the helmets don't have any holes for his horns!




These are awesome pictures! Thanks to Princess Lisa for sharing her Presidents Day Meet and Greet (GC18FZW) event-cache adventure!


Quack! Quack!

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While I was out caching here in Arizona last weekend, I encountered an orange Devil Ducky staring at me when I opened up a cache. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it was just a plain old Devil Ducky, not a Devil Ducky Racer. Of course I traded for it, and I now have a new favorite! Go Orange!!!

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i saw the green devil ducky at that event, and Lisa would barely let me touch him, but i still got his tracking numbers. i didnt even know about these guys til then. Green is now my favorite racer, and the only one that ive seen

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The Princess Ducky, Green's quacky girlfriend, discovered some interesting flower sculptures in Beverly Hills which reminded us of the transportation art Green found during a previous geo-adventure...














Like the Princess Ducky herself, these sculptures capture the subtle, understated and refined beauty of nature...




The Tulips can be found at: N 34° 04.292 W 118° 24.256

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This message is for those of you interested in getting to see a Devil Ducky in the flesh (OK, more like plastic). I have been lucky enough to move two of these guys, and currently have Purple Devil Ducky. I live about 20 miles away from GeoWoodstock VI and intend to bring him to the event, as Purple Ducky has yet to win an award. If any of you are going to be at the event and want to take him from me, I am more than willing to hand him off to you. It'll have to be first quack, first served, but I'll do my best to make sure the rest of you get a chance to discover him before I hand him off. Just leave a reply on this thread if you're interested, and good luck finding these Devil Duckies. They are a lot of fun!

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Here is the Orange Devil Ducky visiting the "Crash Site" Geocache (GCH15J) where an American C-87 Liberator crashed into the Swedish countryside while on a secret mission in 1944:




With a total of 32,916.1 miles, Orange has recently advanced into 3rd place!




Quack! Quack!


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Talk about getting hosed!?! I send Orange Ducky to abuddy of mine stationed on the Arabian peninsula. He drops him off in a cache, and some random guy who picks him up gets credit for the mileage and takes over the sponsorship. I call fowl!! :lol:


I guess I'll have to get some more miles on the Purple Ducky. Stay tuned!!! :lol:

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Talk about getting hosed!?! I send Orange Ducky to abuddy of mine stationed on the Arabian peninsula. He drops him off in a cache, and some random guy who picks him up gets credit for the mileage and takes over the sponsorship. I call fowl!! :)


I guess I'll have to get some more miles on the Purple Ducky. Stay tuned!!! :)

A FOWL (tee-hee) has been called.


[The Devil Ducky Judges have reached an agreement...]


Fearthefish successfully logged the Orange Devil Ducky out of the "Wives of King Henry" (GCWC08) Geocache on 10/3/2007 before handing this Derby Racer to UtChaz & Family. Although UtChaz & Family physically carried the Orange Devil Ducky to the UAE (as evidenced by the fun desert photos!) they never successfully logged him into any Geocaches or events; therefore, they never earned any mileage. Orange was then handed off to The CAD's who also never logged him into any Geocaches. Linnas grabbed Orange from The CAD's and subsequently logged him into the "Amazin' Abu Dhabi" (GC11NHP) Geocache on 3/31/2008 garnering 8,026.1 miles and earning the Devil Ducky Sponsor Award.


In acknowledgement of UtChaz & Family's invaluable assistance, we are happy to add their names to the Devil Ducky Sponsor Award; however, it is important to remember that miles cannot be earned without actually logging the Derby Racer into a Geocache or event.


Thanks to Fearthefish for raising this issue and for being awesome Devil Ducky Hosts!


Race On!




Quack! Quack!

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Team Snorkasaurus,


Thanks for your detailed response to my comment, and I envy you for having the free time to go to such detail. :ph34r:


I have yet to get any offers to take Purple Devil Ducky at GeoWoodstock VI, but am in the process of adding some pictures to his page so everyone can see how irresistible he is. Feel free to add any or all of the pics to this Photo Album as you see fit.


Keep on Quackin'!



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Team Snorkasaurus,


Thanks for your detailed response to my comment, and I envy you for having the free time to go to such detail. :ph34r:


I have yet to get any offers to take Purple Devil Ducky at GeoWoodstock VI, but am in the process of adding some pictures to his page so everyone can see how irresistible he is. Feel free to add any or all of the pics to this Photo Album as you see fit.


Keep on Quackin'!



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Astronomical Devil Ducky Derby Race Update:


The Devil Ducky Derby Racers have collectively traveled over 270,000 miles. That is greater than the distance from the Earth to the Moon!






Here are our current top five competitors:


1. Black - 94,499 miles

2. Green - 61,434 miles

3. Orange - 32,933 miles

4. Blue - 21,999 miles

5. Tattoo - 11,730 miles


The Black Devil Ducky recently astounded Derby Race fans with an unexpected visit to the geographical South Pole! The combined efforts of Devil Ducky hosts Emandel and Physicschick resulted in a Geo-adventure unlike anything we ever expected. Just... WOW!


As Black nears the six-digit mileage mark we cannot help but wonder what cunning stratagems are being hatched by this astounding Derby Racer.


Green recently hit the road with Princess Lisa for an amazing cross-country trek which we were fortunate to enjoy vicariously. Cool Bison! We are sending our very best wishes to this ever-awesome duo! We hope the relocation has gone smoothly and that they are enjoying the cool Pacific Northwest weather!


Green's lovely girlfriend, the Princess Ducky, is currently packing her bags in preparation of her own exciting geo-journey...


The Orange Devil Ducky has been experiencing a bit of culture-shock while defending third place. From California, through the United Arab Emirates, and finally landing in Sweden, Orange's awesome international adventure has certainly caused the quacky competition to take notice!


Although not currently in the top five, Purple has been enjoying many wonderful geo-adventures with Fearthefish, the previous sponsor of the Orange Devil Ducky. We are grateful to Fearthefish for their fun photos and terrific sense of humor. Truly excellent Devil Ducky hosts!


Blue briefly captured third place, only to watch Orange snatch it away again. But don't feel too bad for this little Devil, Blue is one of only three Derby Racers to enjoy multiple stops at the BIG Orange Travel Bug Convention Center and MaxB on the River's awesome tour groups. Also he recently experienced an amazing 22 Harrier Jet fly-by! We continue to hope that the Blue Devil Ducky will someday have the opportunity to visit the infamous Blue Deuce.


We are beginning to worry about the faltering Tattoo Devil Ducky. Although still in 5th place, he has joined a small group of Derby Racers who are currently listed in the dreaded "Unknown Location". Any Devil Ducky Derby Racer who goes missing for too long is in danger of disqualification. Once disqualified, they will be labeled a "Dead Duck" and forced to wander the Earth as Devil Ducky Zombies!


Seriously... Zombies.


In last place, the Pirate Devil Ducky is desperate to add to his paltry 146 miles. As the very first Devil Ducky to move and the first to earn the Grand Prix award, who could have imagined he would languish in last place for so long! Yet hope remains, as long as he avoids the Travel-Bug Graveyard he may yet regain his long lost lead... Race on!


Thanks again to all the excellent Devil Ducky hosts, you folks have made this race a huge success!




Quack! Quack!

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The Purple Devil Ducky has been enjoying his stay with Fearthefish! Here are a couple fun photos of their recent adventures:



"Rockin' Out" at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre



Taking a ride in the "Grab-nabber"!


If you are lucky, you just might catch a glimpse of our Purple pal at GeoWoodstock VI. Many THANKS to Fearthefish!




[Ooops, edited to correct my fumbly-fingers mistakes!]

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The Sussex Leprechauns have officially entered Zebra in the Great British Duck Race where he will be competing against 249,499 other ducks! Zebra is training hard for the race by attending a local Guide canoeing regatta:



Entry Confirmation



A Ducky & a Leprechaun!



Quackers in the soup...


This is super fun! Best of luck to the Zebra Devil Ducky and the awesome Sussex Leprechauns!!!



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We have been Fearthefish fans for quite some time now. They have a great sense of playful humor in their photos! Here are some recent examples:






The "Mallard of Mischief" and his diminutive minion



Mmmmm, TASTY!!!



Lurking in the brewery shadows at night? Devilish behavior indeed!



The Granite Finger



Purple Pepperoni Pizza



Notice the ducks in the background...



Say AHHHH...



Do snakes eat duck?


Anyone hungry for some Duck Soup?!?



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You guys have to be the coolest, most awesome cachers ever. I smiled throughout your profile and all the devil ducky derby racers threads. Thank you Team Snorkasaurus for allowing me to enjoy myself so much. I hope to one day host a devil ducky. Also, I have a tattoo just like the one on Tattoo's tail (but it isn't on my tail).

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Green and Princess Lisa have been busy since our last photo update! Here are some images from their recent adventures. We LOVE the pics from the Original Stash Tribute Plaque!



Green and the Plaque!



Green and the Princess



Does something smell fishy?



Zee Three Friends (GC150T4)






Flying Saucer or Space Needle?


Thanks to Princess Lisa for keeping Green racing along! The Princess Ducky is staring jealously at her boyfriends excellent geo-photos. I guess we better get her moving again soon...



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It has been ages (and a few surgeries... ouchy!) since adding Devil Ducky pics to this thread. The time has come!



Emandel and Black ON TOP of the Arecibo Radio Telescope. I am officially jealous!



Black rockin' the Taj Mahal


Devil Ducky Derby Race Alert: After logging geocaches on all seven continents, Black is setting his sights on becoming the first Lunar Ducky. Stay tuned...



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Princess Lisa and the Green Devil Ducky have been busy since our last posting! The following represents just a small sampling of images from their excellent geo-adventures:



At the GPS Adventure Maze!



Green coveting the 2009 Groundspeak Lackey Geocoin



Checking out the new Groundspeak HQ



Green, Signal and the photo wall



Green enjoying the Lost & Found Celebration



Green sporting his fancy new bling!



But of course, this legendary Devil Ducky deserves nothing less...


We are hugely grateful to Princess Lisa for being a truly first class Devil Ducky Sponsor! Princess Lisa + Green = WIN



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