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Devil Ducky Derby Racers

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Well, I think some people need to drink more...

You mean like this:




...and that poor girl needs to be around people she can trust...

You are so right! Here is the pic that followed:




Um, is that Uncle Elwyn they are using for an ingredient in the Duck a l'Orange?

Its possible. Folks always did accuse Uncle Elwyn of having good taste!





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The things that cachers do for travel bugs! I love it! We've had some fun photos too.


I love those folks' duck collection!


Cachers are some of the most awesome people in the world to go out of their way to help bugs to travel and to set up photo opportunities!!

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The Tattoo Devil Ducky was honored to be the 6,000th TB Guest at the Big Orange Travel Bug Convention Center. In recognition of this milestone, Tattoo will stay in the Presidential Penthouse Suite during his stay at the Convention center. He will also be presented with an All Expenses Paid, Deluxe Accomodations, First class Transportation VIP status on MaxB's upcoming International Tour...


Here is a fun celebratory photo:




Huge thanks to MaxB on the River for being such an awesome Devil Ducky host!



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Some of the Devil Ducky Derby Racers have been fortunate enough to visit the "BIG Orange Travel Bug Convention Center" and participate in a few of MaxB on the River's incredible Travel Bug tour groups...


Blue with the "March Roars Into Michigan" Tour Group:




Ninja with the "St Patrick's Day Party" Tour Group:




Ninja and Tattoo with the "Mexico's City Of Mountains" Tour Group:




Tattoo with the "Bottom Of The River" Tour Group:




Our sincere THANKS to the fantastic MaxB on the River for being such a truly excellent Travel Bug host!!!



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The Green and Black Devil Ducky Derby Racers have been engaged in a fierce struggle for first place for some time now. Here are a few pictures from their recent geo-adventures:
















To gaze into the eyes of these mighty gladiators is to witness first hand the hardened resolve of a true champion! Undaunted by the challenges ahead, neither of these titans are content to dwell upon past victories; instead, they are focused solely upon achieving nothing less than total Devil Ducky domination...


Race on, little quackers!

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A really cool cacher named RogFel took the Tattoo Devil Ducky on a wonderful multi state Derby Racer mega-tour which included stops in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida! Whew...


Here are a few photos from their travels:












Huge THANKS to RogFel for being such a terrific Devil Ducky host!




Quack! Quack!

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The Orange Devil Ducky presents a photographic essay: When Travel-Bug Parties Go Bad!



The party begins innocently enough...



The party is getting out of hand, notice Elmo in a sugar coma!



The Orange Ducky is completely out of control after indulging in a few too many Scooby Snacks...



Orange Ducky made one last quack before getting whacked by Lightning McQueen!



An open cache-sket ceremony?



Oh the tragedy!




Thanks to fearthefish for the devilishly-fun party pics!


Quack! Quack!

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The Green Devil Ducky enjoyed a terrific visit to the one and only Groundspeak Headquarters with Princess Lisa. While exploring Signal's lily pad, Green found an impressive treasure and met some lovely lackeys!



Signal's personal treasure trove...



Green meets Signal and the amazing MissJenn!


MissJenn was a remarkable host to the Leopard Devil Ducky, one of Green's competitors. But, he liked her anyway! Signal has long been one of Green's greatest geo-idols and he was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet him. He was particularly fond of Signal's familiar cool, green color. Long lost geo-cousins perhaps?



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Here are a few belated Halloween-Ducky photos from the Green Devil Ducky and his quacky girlfriend, the Princess Ducky...



Green assists in the post-Halloween clean up efforts.



The Princess Ducky surveying the cemetery.



Punkin' Ducky?



Princess Ducky hanging out in the funeral wreath.



Ummm... RUN AWAY!



Serious sugar overload, perhaps the scariest part of Halloween...






Quack! Quack!

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Devil Ducky Derby Race Update:


Happy New Year 2008!


The first year of the Derby Race has been a fantastically huge success! The Devil Ducky Derby Racers have enjoyed many quacky adventures, traveled all over the United States and explored far-flung regions of the world. Our Ducky competitors have collectively traveled over 217,000 miles, a distance greater than 9 times the equatorial circumference of the Earth!




Our current top five competitors are:


1. Black - 76,822 miles

2. Green - 48,706 miles

3. Orange - 21,802 miles

4. Blue - 15,031 miles

5. Tattoo - 11,730 miles


The Green Devil Ducky has the distinction of being the long-time holder of the highly revered Leap Frog award which was earned when he traveled 8,614 miles in a single leap!


In last place, and with the dubious distinction of holding the Lame Duck award is the Pirate Devil Ducky with a paltry 138 miles. Let us not forget that Pirate was also the very first Derby Racer to claim the Grand Prix award and he has vowed to make it his again someday!


Sincere THANKS to all of the wonderful Geocachers who continue to make the Devil Ducky Derby Race a terrifically fun success!




Quack! Quack!

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I am uploading a few of Black's pictures from the past year. There are a _lot_ more neat pictures that don't feature Black Devil Ducky; I might post one or two later, just to make you all jealous of the great places he got to visit. :P



Grissel and Black Devil Ducky hiking in the San Gabriel mountains north of Los Angeles



pdg37 and Black Devil Ducky hiking in the San Gabriel mountains north of Los Angeles



BignUgly and ChicknChick with Black Devil Ducky in Pasadena, California



Black Devil Ducky and two other TBs on the dashboard of emandel's car in Yellowstone

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