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Looking for an HT

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I have been off the air for a few years and want to start getting back into it, with Motorola around the corner (I used to work there) there are a lot of Hams in the area and repeaters.


So I am looking at the Yaesu FT-60R as a dual band, when I was active I only used Yaesu (Mobile) and like it but are there any other options or items that you guys would recommend for an HT dual band with more then 2 watts output??



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...So I am looking at the Yaesu FT-60R as a dual band, when I was active I only used Yaesu (Mobile) and like it but are there any other options or items that you guys would recommend for an HT dual band with more then 2 watts output??


There is nothign wrong with an FT-60R--and the price is hard to beat! Each of the major manufacturers (Alinco, Kenwood, and Icom are the others I consider "major") have good dual band HTs. The difference is really preference and what is on sale at the time you buy.


I would also look at the Icom IC-T7H and the Alinco DJ-596TMKII.


Good luck!



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Thanks Dave, I think you are right I am familiar with Yaesu and the price point is good also.


I also like the FT-50R because of its rugged construction.


Check the Yaesu VX-7R... lots of features and quite rugged (water resistant, too!). I have had one for a few years and it has been a flawless radio. The programming cable is a must, and there is software available from Yaesu and other sources (VX7 Commander) that makes it really versatile. The hams with whom I talk on the radio tell me the transmit audio is really good; the receiver sensitivity is excellent as well.

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I just purchased a FT-60R and I am really impressed. I can hit repeaters several miles away with no problem. Plus, I like how you can get a full 5 watts on AA batteries. The battery on this radio last a good while too. The price, lots of features, rugged, you can't beat it!!! I love this radio!!!




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I have a VX-7R. Nice radio, although I have never owned anything else. I've only had my ticket a few months so I have no experience other than this HT. I want to crossband repeat eventually so I needed the dual tuners. Otherwise I probably would have gotton a VX-6R or the little Kenwood with the built in TNC.


If you go for the VX-7R, you will want the programming software and cable.

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Posting a little late on this thread, but I can recommend a Kenwood TH-F6A tri-band. It's 5 Watts out on 2m, 220 and 440. It's compact and reliable. I've owned Yaesu HTs (FT-530, FT-50R) and a couple of Icoms but I've been most happy with the Kenwood.


Oh, by the way. I don't get the whole 6m on a HT bunch. You're really very compromised, antenna-wise, using a 6m rubber duck. I'd want to use a full quarter wave but that wouldn't even be good on 6m. Too long and not much counterpoise. But whatever. To each their own, I guess.


Ken KE6N (ex-N6MHG)

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Check out: http://www.hamradiooutlet.com/ They have a nice little search feature to help you look for what you want. Prices are really good. Several single band (2m) VX-150's later... Im happy with them(and the radios). Going to get a few more. B)


As for a dual bander. YAESU FT-60R is a excellent choice. MFJ has a awesome little 1/4 wave antenna that has a tiny mag-mount on it, add it to a 5w HT and even 'thru' larger hills, 25+ miles is possible, I know because we use to do it regularly. We also use to comm using the factory rubber-duck and get 15+ miles thru two large hills and with one down in a basement. B) Almost forgot... if you have the space, you could build a directional atenna to "boost" you output and reception significantly, I used one on a VX-150 and it gave me a effective radiated output of about 20watts in about a 45 degree directional arc. (add it to a 50w mobile and you could have 200w ERO!)


A side note, it doesn't really relate to HAM though I will add it as it relates to the VX-150 having excellent range(my experience). I was using a GMRS/FRS radio (70cm-ish) on ch.22, full 5 watt output setting and standard factory stubby antenna. I was able to comm with a guy 30+ miles away (clear line of sight) and the signal was so crystal clear, I could have sworn the guy was standing right next to me. Right before that I had com with another guy 15+ miles away (clear line of sight), same crystal clear reception.


If you were to get lucky and get a EURO version VX-7R ... you could free-band or quad-band it very easily, if you were so inclined :cool:



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