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Consecutive Days With A Find?


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I'm not sure of the count, but there is someone in my area who is at well over 2 years with at least one cache find per day.


That would be kablooey, who is (as of today) at 1295 consecutive days with a find. His last day without a find was July 14, 2003.


And he is a wonderful person, too.

WOW - 3.5 years and counting - long uphill climb to get there - let alone where the record will be by the time you get that far.

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I've got a whopping five consecutive days with a find. I had a 50-some day drought last January/February.


I was surprised to learn that I have the second-highest "finds per caching day" ratio among all registered itsnotaboutthenumbers.com users, so I suppose trying to find one cache every day would kinda kill that number. ;)

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Starting September 11, 1970, I went 12,888 consecutive days without a find.


Not sure how many consecutive days with a find I have logged.


What the...?


I would assume that is from birth to cache #1, which for me was 20,930 days +/- a couple Feb 29ths that I am too lazy to figure out. :laughing:

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