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A Couple of REEEALY Old Caches

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September 19, 1799. This date in UFO history:

A "beautiful ball blazing with white light,..." was seen at 8:30 P.M. in England. It made no sound, and red sparks flew from it.


January 01, 1850. This date is USA history:

US Representative (D-Mi) Thomas A. E. Weadock was born. Weadock was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.


Grab your tinfoil hats, people! The conspiracy is real!

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Take a look at the date hidden 1799

and then there's this one 1850.


Anybody ever see any older than these?






But I have several dozen TBs that seem to have been launched, Monday, January 01, 0001.



Some sort of glitch I guess. They should have a 2003 launch date. I haven't bothered to try to get it fixed yet.

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