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All the Travel bugs in the world


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I am doing a science fair project, and for part of my report I need the number of travel bugs in the WHOLE world. Can anyone post a number of what they think it is. Please Help.

Please answer quickly!!!

I'm just guessing here, but by any chance is the science project due tomorrow? B)


The actual answer is that the number can't be specified without a more precise definition, and could probably never be known by someone unless they had direct and unrestricted access to all the Geocaching.com records, files, databases, and tax returns.


Perhaps it's not too late to put together a nice Styrofoam-ball model of the solar system instead. Remember - there are only 8 planets now!

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Perhaps it's not too late to put together a nice Styrofoam-ball model of the solar system instead. Remember - there are only 8 planets now!


That made me laugh... :D


I have 7 travel bugs so that puts up to 19.


Oh wait, two have gone AWOL so maybe we are really at 17. Hmmm....not sure which way to go on that.

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I have 12, so that's 31. Then there is the back pack over in the corner, it has an 11 from last weeks trip to Arizona (42 TBs). Those 11 replaced the 9 (51 TBs) I took to Arizona. So..... that's it there's only 51 TBs. Wait a minute...what's this....... Nope it's a lifesaver (cherry with lint).


That's it 51 TBs. :lol:

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can anyone give us a real number?


i have 4 so were up to 12. :lol:


Sorry, but there is no way to look it up. We can only guess. OK, maybe if the first one was numbered 000001 then we'd have to know the last one released, but that doesn't take into account the ones purchased but not yet released, the ones missing, stolen, destroyed (tracking numbers do not get archived) the ones locked for virtual logging, etc..... So "a lot" is the best we can do. It also doesn't help to count them when we include the alphanumerically numbered bugs.

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I think thats a bit high.


I've got 3, and 1 unregistered, I've found a couple hundred in my time. Hmmm, carry the one, divide by the remainder, take the second derivative. Yes, good. Um, standard deviation, now we just need to derive the 3-D wave equation and solve for amplitude. Ok got it....


Oh dang wait I didn't take into account spherical divergence across the globe...


Ok I calculate the total number of travel bugs as 453,762. + or - 500,000


Now are we supposed to factor in Jeeps, Diabetes TBs, Geocoins, etc.


If so my calcualtions are nullified and I'll have to begin again.

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I was leaning more towards "A Whole Bunch"... now we just gotta figure out how many TBs come in a bunch. Bananas average about 6.. but they're bigger than TBs. And since bunches aren't always the same size.. it's really hard to say the exact number. Meh, just make up a number.. you're teacher will never know the REAL answer either. :cool:

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Yikes, I'm blushing. About to activate a pack of 8 more...... ;)


Oh please don't do that....your gonna mess with our brains! We almost got a number....can't have more being activated until that fast math in da brain settles!


True, but I'll never catch up to the U4D and Jeep series guys. Oh well..........


Hope to see and meet some (or all) of you at the GeoCoin Fest in Temecula on the 17th!

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