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How did you choose your Geocaching name?


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My old online screen name for Mechwarrior was "puppyslayer", after being kicked off, I switched to "kittenfritters" I was again kicked off . This is in a game where people in giant robots kill each other.

My name choices were considered too offensive. So I quit playing, no sense of humor there.

So I went with a less contriversial name for Geocaching, given that it is more family oriented.

I am Rick and I make art.

Happy Trails!

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Mine goes back a few years to when I was trying to find a good screenname for IM and such. MY friend and I had been doing some brainstorming trying to find something that fit me and long story short, given my love of roaming, WandererRob was born. Shortly thereafter I changed my geocaching username accordingly (which you can no longer do).


This name has pretty much become my online name for everything (IM, forums, email, etc.).

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I was at an event, and there was a speaker talking about snorkeling ... IN MICHIGAN!


I later went to her website and became fascinated.




I looked up the book at the library and the fascination increased.


Then, I bought my own book and started snorkeling.


Soon my vacations became SNORKELING vacations.


Since then I've also become hooked on kayaking, and of course GEOCACHING.

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I first went with my e-mail handle I've been using for years but after about two weeks I decided I would prefer a name more suitable for the sport. I have been called several things in my life and Hayndog, partially from my last name, seemed appropriate and with the dog at the end seemed to match with searching things out. I will warn you that changing your name if you have several caches under your belt can be a pain in the rear if you want to move all of the old caches to the new name, but it can be done.



Sniffin out cache around the globe

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Ooh, many decades ago, when Asbury Park, New Jersey was still a honky-tonk seaside town, there were stands with roulette wheels, and stuffed animals as prizes. I fell in love with the stuffed dolphins! Many, many quarters later, I had acquired Adolph Finn, and Rudolph Finn. Well, then came another stuffed dolphin. A friend named him from the euphemism: Harry J. Dolphin (short for Harrison Jeremiah Dolphin, Esq.)

Lo, and behold, a new phenomenon appeared: Bulletin boards. You could dial out, using your modem, and access another person's computer! You could access games on their computer, and discussion areas. Thee could sometimes take days or a weekd to update to responses from other computers in the link. But, they required 'handles' (based on CB handles.) I needed a handle! Of the three dolphins then in my clutch of stuffies, I picked Harry Dolphin.

Then came the Internet, and 'handles' became 'user names'. (Liked 'handles' better.) Where ever I go that permits handles, I'm Harry Dolphin. And I have been so for twenty years or so. If you want to follow my attempt to section hike the AT, look for Harry Dolphin. (I quit after a thousand miles or so. But, my logs are there.)

I sometimes think that more people know me as Harry Dolphin than by my real name (which is not Harry!) And, yes, I do answer to Harry. :unsure:

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My name originally was my gardening name (I'm into plants among other things). You know...plant seeds, plant a kiss. I am a Moderator on a plant forum and used the name there as well as email/IM, etc. So rather than have a bunch of different names for different forums I just decided to use this one so I always know who I am. lol A lot of people call me PAK.

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Can you tell me how to change my username? I would like for my finds to be transfered over to my new username. Thanks!!


My handle used to be Droodles, a nickname from a lifetime ago. On a caching hunt a couple of years ago I met a group of fellow cachers, one of whom had a hard time hearing the "-dles" part of my nickname. For Shirconn I shortened the name.

You can change your handle if you wish and all your logs will go with you, but your old caches will still be listed "by (old name)" until you edit them.

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Can you tell me how to change my username? I would like for my finds to be transfered over to my new username. Thanks!!


you cant. They quit doing that a while back.


your only option is to make a new username and transfer as much of your info (IE relog caches) to that one.



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My username for the the forum/caching came from my hotmail login but has been shortened as I could not be bothered to write:


'loquaciouslynn' all of the time.


Loquacious means 'talkative' which fits me to a T as I never shut up.


So so long from me............or maybe I could talk a little longer.....only kidding.

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My name is from the name I gave my truck back in 1987. I still have the truck and one day hope to restore it. It brought me so many good times offroading, going places where most never go. Now goecaching is doing the same for me, although now we mostly use our quads. Offroading for 20 years gives me lots of places that I know of to place caches, which now I can relive and share my favorite spots.



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Ours shouldn't take too much of an explanation... but for the sake of the thread.


There were two of us when we started geocaching and we are in Tucson. Now there are actually three of us. I kind of liked the sound of Tucson Trio but alas, I have no desire to create a new account and re log every one of our caches.


Edit to fix a juvenile spelling mistake.

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That's not the same Steve who had the store in Harborplace, is it?


<whacks self in forehead> Nevermind.


The memory banks just returned the fact that the store I used to patronize there was Geppi's, so of course that Steve would be Steve G. ;)


I did use to manage the Harbor Place Geppi's, though. From '95-'96. When did you frequent the store? Overall I worked for Geppi's from '93-96. First Catonsville, then Crystal City, and finally HP.

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I have been intrigued by various geocaching names and was wondering how everyone went about picking their geocaching name. Is it still appropriate now? Do you wish you had picked another name? Just curious. ;)


Mine is my identity on several forums including RV.net and Dropzone.com.If someone wanted to find me I'd be in trouble.

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My first geocache name was my name. Not very original, but I was still learning. My name came to me when I was out in the middle of the woods with my dog, in the mud with freezing rain falling looking for a cache. I remember thinking, "I hate this kind of weather". I was then that I determined that I was addicted. Actually, I was surprised that the name wasn't already taken, since so many geocachers describe their devotion to geocaching as an addiction.


Here is a post that I wrote last year on my blog about my cache name.

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I'm almost a foot and a half taller than my wife. I've grown up with people telling me "Wow! You are too tall!" The rest is my mother's fault. Dad wanted to name me Sue... ;)

Oh, by the way, slightly more irriating than "Boy! You are too tall" is "Wow! You are tall!" Oh? I hadn't noticed. Is that why I keep bumping my head?



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Well, I was giggling like an idiot upon finding my first cache. When I wrote my original name it was a bit boring and not to catchy. Or not too cache-y, whatever. So I dumped chuck_a23 and tried to think up something that would be dashing, slightly deceptive, smart, and have to do with hiding great piles of booty.


It was while hunting down my second find that I realized that my GPS arrow does not point north, but instead points toward what I desire.


And so, I became capn-jack. I also have a fairly well buckled swash, and a home-made Halloween Costume of my namesake. All my friends think it fits my alter ego perfectly.

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Our first caching name was selected hastily, in our excitement to join the game - at the time we went by "GPWhat?" because that was my repsonse when someone was explaining geocaching and GPS receivers to me - "it's a GP-what, now?"


Our current nick is the result of a long and arduous search, wherein I consumed too much peyote and my spirit guide, the majestic grumblecake, was revealed to me in a vision. That, plus it's an inside joke for fans of Homestar Runner. http://www.hrwiki.org/index.php/Grumblecakes


Another front-runner was "Breadtangle", from the same source.

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Every other name I've ever used was taken on eBay and I refused to resort to numbers. I started plugging in all the variations of a word and Knight that was even remotly interesting. After dozens of "try again" screens I plugged in Renegade Knight and it said "thanks" and I said "great, just great, of all the stupid varions of Knight, that had to be the one..."


When I did go to change it on this site a friend of mine said "it fit's leave it alone" so I did.

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