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How did you choose your Geocaching name?


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When we first looked at geocaching, we asked our oldest little cacher what she wanted our name to be. She came up with "Pirates of the Caribbean" which we figured was pretty long, and possibly copywrited. So we started kicking around names, including ones with Montana in them. Through trial and error we finally settled on MTGeoPirates. Of course at the time we didn't know that a "geopirate" was a bad thing, although you don't hear that term used much anymore. We're really happy with the name, and can't imagine changing, or wishing it were anything else. :laughing:

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When we were trying to figure out our team name we just sat there at the white erase board and put down all the first letters of our first names. Eventually we arranged them into BRKN, which sounded like the word broken (so we just capitalized the the first letter of our first names in the word "broken") . B is for Brandon, R is for Rick, K is for Kelly, and N is for Nyomi (those also happen to be names of caches we own B) )

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While visiting Oz in 2001, I discovered and fell in love with their fine wine, "Shiraz." I took that as part of my handle and added "mataz" just because it rhymed!


As a matter of related interest... my avatar picture was taken in Kuranda, a town in north Queensland. I thought it was cool because it's at a crossroads, about as faaaaar from home as I can get without actually leaving the planet.

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I love all things glass, especially iridescent glass. Must be that magpie instinct "ooooh it's pretty & sparkly, I want it". I work with kiln-fired (fused) art glass. Many of the items that I create can be worn as personal adornment (aka jewelry and practical stuff such as hair barrettes, etc.) Hence the name.

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Growing up out in the woods meant having two pairs of sneakers. The "good pair" and the older beat up ones for stomping around in the woods, swamps, and nearby bay. And eventually the new pair would become the old pair, and we would buy another set for "good shoes" and the cycle would continue.


Ive had mudsneakers to play in all my life, and I'm still out playing B)

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I'm a cat person and we have two in our house. My son has a 2 year old calico and my "baby" is a 14 year old platinum mink tonkinese (who looks exactly like my avatar). Our cats (and cats in general) like to stalk and hunt and are very stealthy about it so I figured geocatt would be the perfect name for someone who stalks and hunts caches and has to be stealty about it to avoid muggles.

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For some reason I wanted to create a geo-name ASAP when I found this site. What came to mind were my summer and winter pastimes. After seeing some of the really cool and creative names out there, I shulda or coulda put more time into thinking up something a bit more clever or spectacular.


Oh well, just call me-


bike&ski B)

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My nickname from my highschool days is "Riff". This came about as a result of too much cheap wine, and my participation of a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I really sucked, so I wasn't asked to play again, but the nickname carried on. Riffster is just an extension of Riff, kinda like my family is an extension of me. The "Clan" part is in celebration of our Scottish heritage.

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My daughter called on Jan 1, 2005 telling me about an article about geocaching she saw on TV. She thought this might interest Dad and I while we were out RVing and gave me the web address. After getting on the web site, I thought this geocaching thing was quite interesting. So I check out our zip code and was surprised to see sooooo many caches. I was so caught up on this game/treasure hunt that I wanted to signed all of us up. My daughter and family live only a few miles from us. As a family group, the word tribe came to mind. It was natural to add Seabeck. So be it.... The SeabeckTribe we became. We found our first cache on January 2, 2005.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it! B)



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My wife and I do a lot of volunteer work with the American Lung Association of Washington, mostly supporting their bike rides. We developed a couple of costumes for roadside silliness in the '90s and decided they made good caching names - besides they fit us well. Check out my porfile page to see us in "action".


The Jester & Blooming Idiot

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Quoted from our profile:


No shame in our team name :


Okay, so if I could do it all over again, we probably would come up with a username other than "Blue Power Ranger". We had no idea how much time we would be soaking into this hobby so the name really didn't seem all that important at the time we chose it.


The first day on the site, we chose as a username "Uncle Rico" of Napoleon Dynamite fame. The luster quickly faded off the lure of sharing a name with a has-been jerk uncle and we changed over to the uninspired "VanderHoeven Family". I guess that name was simple enough. If you go and look at the logbooks that we signed back on our first day of caching (12/26/2005) you will see that name used as our signature. It still didn't seem right though. I guess it just sounded too sanitary.


I remembered one username that we had used back when we were first were discovering the internet back in 1995. We looking at a chat room I think, that required us to log in with an alias. I recall seeing my then infant daughter sitting on the floor sucking the head of a pink power ranger toy. I instantly typed in the username "Pink Power Ranger"... wait, I thought, if I use that people will think I'm a girl. I'd better change that to "Blue Power Ranger"...and the name was born. I recycled that same name for geocaching.com and here we are using it today. (Ironically, at times during the Power Rangers television series, the gender of the Blue Power Ranger has shifted from male to female and back. I assure you that is not the case with any member of our caching family.)


Power ranger as defined by wikipedia.org... A Power Ranger is a person who morphs from a natural , unpowered form into a powerful superhero wearing a battle suit, which also has a helmet with an opaque visor, which in many cases serves to protect his or her secret identity . A morphed Ranger generally possesses superhuman strength, durability, and hand-to-hand combat ability.


All of those skills come very much in handy while caching.



...is that enough info for you? B)

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Some cachers choose their GC names, others have their names thrust upon them.


"DudleyGrunt" goes back 20+ years now. A good friend, empolyer, and comic shop proprietor Steve C. gave me and a number of my friends both individual nicknames and a collective nickname, The Nimrods. I don't know where he got them, but they've stuck. We've all continued to use them so some extent, especially for e-mail and other online aliases. Steve is no longer with us, but he was a true "good guy". If you are ever in Laurel, Maryland; check out Comic Classics (39°06'19.57" N 76°50'47.49" W). His wife still runs the store which they opened together in 1982.

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Mine comes from a book titled "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli. I read that book and absolutely loved it and its notion of "star people" (no not aliens, just people that kind of dance to their own beat and are very unique and caring).

Anyway, I'd like to be a Stargirl and the word was taken already so I put A in front, since there appears to be more than one of us out there.

Not regrets so far, but I've only been here for about a month.

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I was once dtstrout, my initials and "trout" for the fish I once fished for. I found myself fishing little and geocaching a lot, so I decided to change. I thought it would be a good idea to pick some animal that I saw and could relate to. Within a week, during 2 fishing jaunts and surprisingly 3 consecutive caches, I came upon great blue herons. Hence, G.B.Heron.

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sfwife stands for "special forces" wife. my caching partner and husband is greensfgiant. He's a retired green beret now but I think it's still very appropriate.

Once a soldier always a soldier. I was/am/will always be a Combat Engineer. Thanks you husband for his years of service from another former military member.


BTW I do remember the rock group Ironmaiden that's is how old I am. :D:D:laughing::D

Watch how you throw around the old word. I remember them too. Sadly I just listened to them this morning on the way to work.


The X-Man part of my handle came from my love of the X-Men comics from Marvel comics since I was a very small child. My Dad gave me a X-Men comic when I was just 5. The Clan part, which I have had some of the folks down here connect with the other clan of the K variety for some odd reason, comes from our Scottish heritage. Oh, X was my Army handle as well.



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Frizz was a nickname I got in college relating to natural hair qualities that I had then (I used to have 360 degree hair). My wife over the last three decades has persisted in using that nickname, usually only when I'm in trouble. These days I'm sporting a different type of hair style, and am a charter member of the caching team Bald 2.5 (My big brother, Kadfar, and I are really bald, and the third original member of the team, Mr.RRKing, is in denial). A few months ago someone was all concerned in the forums about how you could now google geocaching names and see someones bio on the gc.com website. I thought that I would try that, but the first 14 pages of hits were all for hair care products!

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Like many here, I tried several variations of old handles and such and none of them 'worked' for me (being the mom part of the team and the instigator of all things related to geocaching) I was running out of ideas and being late at night was getting very tired, so I picked runningout....for not having any original ideas, always running out to the store, the school, the games, the kid's activities, running out of time.....it works well enough. And it isn't too tough for runningout dad to spell now that he is starting to be seen cruising the site on his own!!!! My three kids all in gymnastics have nicknames by their coach...Tinkerbell for the 8 year old girl in advanced classes, Tarzan for the 6 year old boy in intermediate class, and Twinkie for the 4 year old blonde cutie in preschool tumbling...it amazes me how the coach can pick such cool nicknames for all the kids that go thru his program...and the kids love it. I personally, like to abbreviate the runningout one though. Now to convince dad that having our own special coins would be a really cool idea!!


R/O mom

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chimbisimo (adj) - Venezuelan slang for "really lame."


As a missionary for my church I lived in Venezuela for two years, from 2000 to 2002. We could communicate with our family via snail mail. However, a year and a half into my mission, we were given permission to use email.


It had been a year and a half since I had last touched a computer. As a result I had forgotten my passwords and usernames. I therefore went to Hotmail and tried to make up another account. But every time I came up with a name, I was told it'd have to have like seven numbers after the name, like "Iluvmonkeys0923." Lame. So I kept trying and trying... but to no avail. I kept thinking to myself, "This is really lame..." And then inspiration stuck.


And I've been using it ever since!



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I was signing up for another forum a few years back and had to pick a screen name. The owner of the site was named Dean, called "Dean-o", but shortened it to Dno on the forum. My wine soaked brain flashed to my favorite beverage, for which I have been called a wino, but in honor of Dno I spelled it Yno. I use it all the time now. And it is easy to stick on the log of all those micros.

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My geonick is just a nick I have used online nearly everywhere since 1994.


Same with me. "Swan" has been my nickname in chat rooms and on forums for about 14 years. (She's the heroine in one of my favorite novels). I later added the "inwa" because I'm "In WA" and the add-on prevented me from getting mixed up with other people using forms of Swan as a handle. Now I just use SwanInWA pretty much everywhere. It never seems to be taken and it's easy for me to remember...

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I wish I had a good story, but I don't.


A couple weeks before registering on gc.com I had to register for another website and I had tried to use the name DanO (my first name and surname initial) but it was taken. The website provided several suggestions for alternative names, one of which was DanOCan because I had listed my country as Canada.


When the time came to register on this website I didn't feel like putting much effort in so I just went with it because it was fresh in my mind.


Before the handle change lockdown came last year I thought about changing it but we had met quite a few people in the local caching community who knew us as "The DanOCans" so I left it intact.


I always joke that if I had known this caching thing was going to become a habit/addiction I would have put more thought into it. I originally wanted to buy a GPSr for navigation on road trips and I thought I could sell the idea to Mrs. DanOCan easier if I told her that we could use it for "this Geocaching thing where we can go for walks together." :D

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Well mine is car related, and is probably going to bore some folks here.....but here goes. This is more or less copied over from the old thread, but cleaned up a little for readability


Let me start off by saying I'm really into racing....basically if it goes fast, I'm interested. Anyhow I do a little drag racing from time to time as a hobby.


A couple years back I bought an '89 Mustang Convertible that I was going to strip down, and convert into a more race dedicated car. It had the little 4-cylinder motor, and didn't run. The guy I bought it from told me it blew the head gaskets. No big deal as I was going to scrap the motor anyhow and replace it with something bigger.


A friend of mine who told me about the car started calling me Mr. 4 Banger, poking fun at the fact that my ‘Stang had a much smaller engine than his.


So after a little time of searching for the motor I wanted, and coming up empty handed, I decided that I wanted to drive it, since it had sat in my garage for a few months. I started to tear the engine apart to fix the head gaskets, and discovered they were fine and that one of the pistons had blown up. It was laying in the oil pan in chunks. At that point the same friend started calling me Mr. 3 Banger due to the lost piston/cylinder.


Later, I went ahead and yanked the engine entirely because I was bored....again that friend then started calling me Mr. 0 (Typed as the number zero, pronounced Mr. Oh) since I now had zero cylinders in my car. I eventually got fed up and sold it on e-bay.


I told you it was long and boring

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Well When i found out about geocaching I needed a nickname so i came up with Dayandnight which is the abbriation of my wife and mine initials. Am Pm Then i became facinated by Geocoins and wanted to design my own . With the help of a friend and a lot of thought We came up with geocachingdragons For a coin idea . I drew a dragon and the more i worked on it, the more i wanted to be geocachingdragon. So I adopted the name .The wife still uses the old one.

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