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Human TB's?

Insp Gadget
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I made my truck into a TB. I thought that that would be pretty unusual. and so did my friends! Not sure about a tatoo! You must be fanatic to do that! Anyone got picks of what thier tatoo looks like? And people say im a diehard geocache fanatic! Wait till they see this post!


Theres a small picture on the page for that Travel Bug.

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Cool! I had thought about this a couple of months ago while watching Miami Ink. I thought it would be funny if someone got a tattoo on the back of their head with the tracking number. lol


I wouldn't do it in fear that someday (horrible thought) the travel bugs didn't exist anymore, like they gave up on the idea.


It is a neat idea and I applaud those that got one for their bravery and dedication.



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There are a lot more out there than you would think (TTBs).

Have seen them on the nape, throat (under chin), shoulder/upper arm (covered by shirt), right wrist, left wrist (beneath watch), and inside forearm.


Most are pretty cool -- dunno about the throat one, just feel the inside forearm sort of looks like something from a bygone era.


There are many more "wearable" ones, in the form of pendants, patches, shirts and the like.

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