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GeoPoker Run II


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Well guys and gals... We have plans for another GeoPoker Run this summer. :blink: It will be on June 23, 2007 at Jarstad Park, Bremerton, WA. We just received our park reservation confirmation letter today. Basically the same rules and regulations as last year. Just a new route. Now that we have had one event under our belts, we know where we our weak spots were and can improve upon them. So mark your calendar for Saturday June 23. We will keep everyone posted of its progress.


Happy Caching :drama:

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Hi all... We have made an attentive route for this event.


Our Event page is almost done and will be ready to submit soon. Now we have to make up the 7 caches and pages.


For all those enthusiastic coin collectors. This years coin will be a Royal Flush in your collection. Rusty, from personalgeocoins.com, has out did himself again. We are very excited about this coin. So keep watching.


This year we will be better prepared with computer, w/charged batteries. We will have a GSAK file and Streets and Trips file ready to down load or on disk. We learned a lot about our down falls last year. We hope to have an impartial cacher that will not be participating in the contest or unable to come to the event do a trial run to make sure our cords are right. Once again we will give out our cell phone numbers just incase there is a need for additional hint or problems.


Will keep you posted.

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****GeoPoker Run 2 * 7 Card Stud****GC10EPP


February 24 - GC page was approved and published :D


February 26 - GC Community Relations Specialist Retracted page :)


February 27 - GC Reviewer (different for the publisher) Disabled the page till on or after March 23 :D


I wish they could make up MY mind.

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For all those enthusiastic coin collectors. This years coin will be a Royal Flush in your collection. Rusty, from personalgeocoins.com, has out did himself again. We are very excited about this coin. So keep watching.

Btw, will the coin be trackable? I know they have the EV prefix reserved for event coins now, but I don't know if they've relaxed the rules for required number of coins to produce.

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The coin has not been producted yet so I'll find out about tracking. But I think only a 100 will be made so I am not sure it can be done.


There was a post in the GeoPoker Run page about the date of the Run was posted in the GC calendar for March 24. When I looked it was listed on the GC calendar for Feb 24, the day it was published. So I went in to the page and changed the HIDDEN date to June 23 so it would be listed on the GC calendar on the correct date. This is when everything came down. The publisher knew when this event was and had no problem publishing it.


Email COPY & PASTED below:


Location: Washington, United States

Michael retracted GeoPoker Run 2 * 7 Card Stud (Not Published) (Event Cache) at 2/26/2007


Log Date: 2/26/2007

Please resubmit this cache when the date of the event is less than 90 days. Changing the date after the cache is listed is not acceptable.


Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.




Michael LaPaglia

Community Relations Specialist


Groundspeak, Inc.



Location: Washington, United States

PNWadmin temporarily disabled GeoPoker Run 2 * 7 Card Stud (Not Published) (Event Cache) at 2/27/2007


Log Date: 2/27/2007

Disabling to remove from queue. Re-enable for review on or after March 23.


EDITED to include what infor about coin and what happened to bring attention to the page :)

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Now that the SCM2 and the Spring Fling are over. The Tribe can finish up on the details of this years GeoPoker Run 2. Rules for the Run will be the same as last year and are posted on the Cache Page. This years run will be a little shorter. We will post the approximate time the run will take as soon as we finalize the seven cache locations. Check here for the current Ferry Schedule. The new Ferry Schedule starts Sunday June 24th. The day after the event.


We have some raffle donations coming in from Helen and Chris from Landsharkz and Robert Thomas (Ranger216). Thanks guys... We appreciate it. We are still looking for additional sponsors and donations. Contact us if you are interested.

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More sponser stuff coming in. Shop99er and Dani Du are putting together some items for our raffle. Ranger216 just sent in two Engine & Caboose coin sets, one silver and one gold. Thanks guys & gals. Your donations are appreciated very much. Raffle tickets will be a $1 for one (1) or $5 for six (6).


We are finalizing the 7 cache locations this weekend. We are going to have one extra cache location that will be for a special raffle. Each cacher or caching group (mulitple persons under one cache name) that logs a find will be able to take one ticket from the cache that will be for a free raffle drawing.


So get your poker playing hat on and bring your lucky poker charm item. You'll need them for the luck of the draw!


Saturday - June 23, 2007.


Sign-Up Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm.


GeoPoker Run: 11:00am to 4:00pm.(or sooner if everyone get back early)


Where: Otto Jarstad Park - Gorst, WA.

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Just a note to let you know that the times have been adjusted slightly. Registration will be from 11am to 12:30pm. The Run will be over at 3:30pm. The Raffle will approximately start at 4pm after all card hands have been sorted and registered. Prizes will be awarded after the raffle. 3:30pm WILL BE THE CUT OFF. We had several cachers last year that needed to catch ferries. We want to make sure that there will be no delays and things start on time this year.

We made these changes because this years Run will be a little shorter than last years. Last year most all cachers had registered and left by 12:30pm. Total time for the Run should be apx. 2.5 hours. Driving time will be about 1 hour and 20 minutes. We are giving an estimate time between caches about 10 minutes. One cache will take a little longer and will be rated about a 2/2 up to a 2/2.5. The rest of the caches will probably rated 1/1.5 to 1.5/1.5

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Well... We have had a year to learn a little more about GSAK & S&T. :D We will have computer files available on disks. If you have a computer data cable for your GPS, you can down load our S&T file. We will have a Garmin Rino data cable for those that use Rinos. Even though we have S&T 2007 there is one cache that won't track right because the road isn't in their system yet. It shows a long about way to the cache. We will have direction print outs for all the cachers and our cell numbers just in case. We hope not to have any power problems this year at the park. But just to be sure, we will have an alternate power back up for our computer. :D See you all on the 23rd!

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This event is a great way for newbies to get to meet & greet fellow cachers. :blink: I am sure there will be a cacher or two out there that will let you tag along. It is always fun to cache in a group. As for the route, it will be apx. 25miles and 2 to 2.5 hours. You get a map and pre-cache pages. These caches will be published a day or so after the event. This way no one gets a jump start. Everyone wins even if you don't have all seven tickets/cards. You just play with what you got. Check out the cache page - GC10EPP. It has all the details. Hope to see you there. :)

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Just another update!


All 7 caches have been made up and ready to plant. :rolleyes:


There will be an 8th cache that will contain tickets for a drawing for a Silver set of Ranger216 Engine & Caboose. Each cacher may take one pair of tickets. When they return to the park. They keep one and turn in the other for the FREE drawing. The ticket holder must be present to win.

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We had a great time at 2Bugs Potlatch Potluck Event. Handed out fliers for the Poker Run and had lots of inquirers.


Another donation came in and one on the way. B)


Our reviewer has looked at all the Cache Pages and they are ready to go. B) These pages will be published within a day or so of the event. We will post a note here and on the cache page when they do.


Even if you don't like or don't understand poker. :P We have a volunteer that puts your cards in the best possible playing hand. But the great thing is that you get to log 9 caches for the day... One Event and 8 caches. Seven (7) for the card tickets and one (1) for the Free Raffle and they are all regular caches! No micros. :anitongue:


We also will have a TB station for those that want to drop, pickup or trade Travel Bugs. B)


We aren't forgetting the coin enthusiasts. There will be an event coin and we are sure there'll be a few cachers with coins looking for trades. :P


We are just a week out. So get your poker skills sharpened up and be ready to shuffle along the GeoPoker route. B)


See you soon!

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Washington Fish & Wildlife announced that they are going to open an additional day for shrimping on Saturday the 23rd. Sooooo.... Ole Siam will not be able avaliable to be our Playing Hand Organizer. Hyas Tyee also is not able to come. He is taking his final for suba diving school. We have some friends (non-cachers) that said they would help. But it isn't written in stone till the morning of!


Anyone that finish the run and comes back to the park early and knows the order of playing hands. We sure could use you. We might need some at the table with raffle tickets also.


See you Saturday.

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A package just arrived from Ground Speak for our raffle table. :angry:


Also a reminder that this is a Pot Luck. We will provide Hot Dogs, buns, condiments, plastic ware, bottled water, napkins and paper plates.


Bring your favorite side dish. So you don't have to carry it around with you all day. You can drop them off when you register. We will have ice chests w/ice for those that have dishes that require refridgeration.

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We are going to be there but will not be able to stay for prizes...will we still be able to cache? Thanks SeabeckTribe for putting htis together for us all!


We don't see a problem with that. You can alway ask someone to be your proxy. We can then mail them to you. You will just have to have an entry fee to do so.

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Well this Poker Run is over and everyone came out a winner. We have already started thinking about next years. We hope you all had a good time. We have ear marked Shop99ers Calendar for GeoPoker Run 3 in June 2008. Hope you all have a great summer and see you on the trail.


Thanks for doing this, I had lots of fun and broke my one day caching record!

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