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What's your best hide? And why?


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Many of us have a number of cache hides (some more than others) but I think most of us could, if asked, immediately name one that we consider to be our best hide -- one that stands out above all the rest.


If you have to pick just one, which of your hides would you say was your best one, and why?

Please include a link to the cache page or the waypoint so we can check it out!


I'll start...


Of my 18 or so hides, there are a couple that I believe are above average, but if I had to pick the best it would be High & Low. It's a tough cache physically and mentally, but it's very rewarding and provides a great feeling of accomplishment when it's finally completed. There's a social aspect to it because it strongly encourages teamwork. The cache involves a nice hike in the woods, a beautiful overlook on the Susquehanna river, and an underground adventure in a truly unique and amazing location. It's very challenging but not so much so that it's impossible. Even though they're few and far between, the logs are always fun to read.


So... that's mine. Your turn. :huh:

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Would have to say our first Got Skills series cache Got Skills? remains at the top of our favorites placed list. We have to give credit where credit is due to Rich in NEPA for introducing this area to us with his Cary Mountain cache. This cache starts out with a long uphill hike from a cool and misty little valley to a rocky ridge high up top. You'll get to explore caves, climb rocks, visit a strange little forest of bonzai style pine trees, climb trees, enjoy exceptional views and most likely encounter local wildlife for the better part of a day in order to finish this cache. We've received emails of encounters with wildlife including everything from butterflies to bears and a lot of laughs at a small practical joke that's usually found along the way. When the weather is nice, it's just exceptional. When the weather is bad, it's 5star bad! Everytime we've climbed the route it's been a new experience and we always enjoy doing it again. One of those bring a lunch and at least 2 waterbottles caches. It's going to be a nice day :huh:

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Joint Venture at Crater Rings. It's a national landmark, it now has an earth cache on top of it and it was placed with the cooperation of several individuals who did the legwork. I just found a spot on the map that looked like a place worth visiting.


As it turns out the logs have always shown it really is a place worth visiting. One of those places that you don't know about until you do go there.

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If I had to pick one, I reckon it'd be our Etch-O-Sketch night cache. The setting is a Florida swamp filled chock full of wild hogs, feral cattle & venomous snakes. You hoof from the parking spot to a tree about 2/10th of a mile away, with a reflective "X" on it. You then turn on the track log feature of your GPSr, and follow the reflector trail, which ends in another "X". At this tree, you get coords for the start of the second phase. Follow the same steps above for the second phase.


When you complete both phases, you will have drawn a pair of giant numbers on your GPSr screen, kinda like the Nazca lines in Peru. You'll find instructions on how to manipulate those numbers to get to the final. The total length is about 3 miles, and it's almost all bushwhacking.


I'm working on a similar night cache in Ocala that will have the seekers writing a giant word in cursive.

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My personal favorite of my hides is Why I Geocache . It is one of those great places to sit and contemplate the beauty of nature.

I found it quite by accident. I had been to this undeveloped park a couple of times and was there to hide a cache. On the way back to the parking area I decided to take a slightly different route. Following the top of the gorge I came upon an opening in the trees where the rim of the gorge was eroded back a few hundred feet by an amazing little waterfall. The site was just plain amazing. I went right home and started putting together the cache as I just HAD to share this with others.

I think I'll make a trip out there this weekend...just incase the cache needs maintenance.


Forgot to add the link.

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Took several month’s to set up and get permission, Think it would be my best Geo MoJo #6 in the Shadow of the TITANS by Metro Nashville Parks and Recreation // JoGPS (GCTGF0) Took several month’s to set up and get permission, Think it would be my best


The cache page tells it all



That one has skunked me a couple of times. One day, I might figure it out. Probably not, but maybe.

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I don't know if its my best hide, but I hid a cache on Saturday that if someone else had placed it, I really would have enjoyed finding it.


A Day at the Beech


It's a 6 mile hike out and back, or 8 miles if you do complete loop hike. Along the way you will encounter:


1 - The historic ruins of 18th and 19th century ironworks:








2 - A scenic waterfall:




3- A challenging hike:




4 - A quiet stream:




5 - And a great view near the cache:




What more could you ask for?

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I haven't hidden a lot of caches and am almost embarrassed to add this one after seeing all of the wonderful pictures, but up to this point mine would have to be "Bookworm."


It is a hated micro, but well hidden in a park in front of our local library with seemingly few hiding spots. Some of the best cachers in my area have come away with several DNFs.


I am new to my area having moved here to teach last year and am still learning cool spots for placing. Unfortunately, the locals who know more are snatching them up quick. However, I am trying to a get a cache back up and running that is a multi using board games, cards and puzzles as stages with clues to the next coordinates. I think that may become my best thus far.

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I've hidden three that I particularly like, each for different reasons:


Plantation Preserve - This is the kind of cache I would like to find. In an urban area like South Florida, it can be tough to find a place to take a nature hike ... which is why I was thrilled when I discovered this location. Plus, it was fun to compose the activity you have to complete to locate the final coordinates.


Apollo 7 - I was pretty proud of this camo job, and the location is one of those places you'd never know about were it not for geocaching. A bit of history, a bit of nature, and a fun find.


Safari Utopia, Yokel Reality - This was just published mere seconds ago. I have absolutely no idea how long the FTF will take.

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I don't know which is best, but of all my caches,

My cache that is most fun for kids of all ages......Hit the Bricks

........................................ AND WHAT I THINK IS.......................................

My best stages of a multi....Big Brother Bob drinks too much


My most physically demanding.....Night time @ Deep Hollow


My most scenic.....River vista #1 [On the Pa.finest bookmark list]


My nastiest micro...Oh no O’BG

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...mine would have to be "Bookworm."

Forum fans love direct links: Bookworm


My second-favorite:


All Of The Cool Cachers Log DNF's Here


Thanks for putting in the direct link. I was in a hurry the night I posted and I am still new to format codes so it usually takes me awhile. If I ever get out to your area, I'll be sure to try your cache All Of The Cool Cachers Log DNF's Here!

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After watching the "YouTube" video of a search for "All The Cool Cachers log DNF's Here" I knew exactly where to look and what I was looking for. I don't often look for micros, but I made an exception for this one.


As for my best hide, I took a 2 mile hike on snowshoes today to put in Rock On-The Way to Miller Time.

It should be published soon as GC10JFE. To find this mystery cache you have to solve the location of my other mystery cache (GCWE3D) which has not been found since I planted it on June 2, 2006. :drama:

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So far our best hide is Take Me To The River. We hid this in early January and I came away very cold, wet and bruised. Due to the difficulty of the terrain and the hide, the cache should not be attempted alone. We encourage someone to be standing by with car keys or a cell phone (although it may be too far out for cell phone reception). There is a very real danger of hypothermia, broken bones, scrapes, scratches, bruises and/or drowning. It's not that we want to see someone get hurt, we just thought it was time to 'raise the bar' in our area. With the proper precautions this cache can be done safely and most folks will have a great sense of accomplishment.

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my best is ICE COLD it is a toughy one day a lot of people were having trouble on it so i placest a metal rod on top of it and it was muggled but all that was in there was 2 marbles that they took so it was ok this container is hand made from wood and copper pipe and painted to match its surrounding it fits right into place with the exact dimensions in a small corner. to getit out you pull up on the screw.

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Higher Education was probably my best. It was a large micro (AOL tin), big enough for a full-sized log, golf pencil, and small trade items. It was on top of a building at Oakland University. The building is sort of H-shaped, so you could be at the coordinates on the ground. I left a lot of subtle clues on the page about where you should really be. The eighth (top) floor is enclosed on the north and south ends, but the middle is an open area. The cache was magnetically held under a vent cover, about 6 feet up. It's a popular, very blank area, yet I only recall one note in the log indicating it had been found accidentally during several years in place (and of course, I assume an accidental find is why it ultimately disappeared). Great views from high vantage points aren't common in southeast Michigan, so this cache was a rarity. Edited by Dinoprophet
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This is my favorite and it consistently gets the best logs of any we have placed.


A Convicted Hide


It took a while to get this one through the approval process, but it was worth it. The hike is about 1.5-2 miles through a picturesque park and there are puzzles at each of the waypoints.


We always look forward to seeing the logs on this one!

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This is my favorite and it consistently gets the best logs of any we have placed.


A Convicted Hide


It took a while to get this one through the approval process, but it was worth it. The hike is about 1.5-2 miles through a picturesque park and there are puzzles at each of the waypoints.


We always look forward to seeing the logs on this one!

This ONE becaues it's my first hide. :D

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Before we released Tube Torcher II :) , I'd have to say the original Tube Torcher because of all the great logs people posted!!! But now that TT II is out(after 3 years of planning!!! :lol: ), IT would have to be the one... I'm excited to see how many brave people there are out there... and looking forward to reading the logs!!! Since these are my only 2 caches, I think I've done pretty well!!! (If I may say so :) )

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One of my personal favorites, or at least one that brings a smile to my face every time I check on it would be The Collector.


This was kind of my tongue-in-cheek way to poke fun at the container-signing controversy that was going on in the forums around the time I hid this. The point of the cache was actually to get people to sign the container.


A lot of people have done just that...


It started out pristine white...



And here it is now...




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