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Planning a trip to England/Ireland/Scotland


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My husband and I are planning a trip to our ancestors' homes: England, Ireland and Scotland. We've nothing definite yet on the agenda. We love to cache on vacation as it takes us to "show off" places: lovely out-of-the-way spots missed by traditional tourists. We are hardy and uncomplaining and like to go tromping about.


Any suggestions from our cousins over there?

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The problem with 'flying visits' is that you want to see so much and do so much but you want it to be interesting and fun as well. Any of the London parks: Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Richmond Park, Holland Park, Battersea Park - they all have good caches - but its probably only till you get out Richmond way that you'll not be dealing predominantly with micros. The London micros are a real challenge to overseas cachers who tend to deal in fair size containers.


Do a search on (and then nearbys):


GCVMTY in Holland Park

GCHV4W in Kensington Gardens - though I didnt find it today

GCXM8G in Richmond Park

GCA692 in Kew Gardens

GCQFVD in Hyde Park

GCXGD1 in Battersea Park - still on my to do list


The London Underground goes near all these caches except Battersea Park which is walk across the river (nearest Sloane Square)


London is a feast of interesting caches - and most ( but not all ) have been placed for a reason and relatively thoughtfully.

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Edinburgh is an obvious choice in Scotland, not only for the plentiful caches, but also for all of the other tourist attractions. Have a look at Haggis Hunter's bookmarks, or do a search based on the most central cache, 'Crag & Tail', (which is right under the rock on which the castle sits).


Have to agree. It really is the best city going. And there is so much great countryside only a short journey away.


The Kingdom of Fife is excellent (biased? me?) and we only recently started to appreciate how nice East Lothian is - Both regions have many great caches.


If you narrow down where you're going there's bound to be many more opinions but you have quoted three entirely different countries :huh: .



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How long do you hope to be visiting us?


Do you have any specific towns in mind where you know your ancestors lived?


MrsB :huh:


I'd like to spend a week to a week and a half there. This might be our only chance; I'd like to spend some time.


My husband's folk are from Lincolnshire. Mine are from County Cork and County Wexford. I had a g'g'grandmother who was a Scot, and a Catholic. I'm thinking Highlander, but I'm frankly unsure.


I'd like to get a feel for the land - I've never been a big city-type. I was a history major in college and my parents were great Anglophiles. I'd like to see Hadrian's wall, stand on a castle wall - my grandmother's folk were Normans...Norman castles would do(!) I don't mind "tourist stuff" but I'd even like to do an inn-to-inn hike or what not for a couple of days, feel the wind and rain, taste some pub food, smell a peat fire...


And yes, I'm a bit of a romantic. My husband will find joy in whatever we do.


We have cached on vacations here - especially at areas that were sites of our American Civil War, and enjoyed finding small places where we find a plaque or two, or a bridge over a stream or an old dirt road that leads to nowhere in particular, but an upper field with wildflowers or a lovely view.


Sigh...not much help, eh?

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Here is a link to a page with links to 3 other pages with some quite useful information about caching in London :huh:


One thing to bear in mind is that although the UK isn't a very large country, it is densely populated, and can be quite slow to get around. Roads are busy, and much public transport relatively slow and expensive.


Because of this I'd suggest picking quite small areas and trying to see them in some detail, rather than trying to get everywhere. The same would apply to caching.

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Edinburgh is an obvious choice in Scotland, not only for the plentiful caches, but also for all of the other tourist attractions. Have a look at Haggis Hunter's bookmarks, or do a search based on the most central cache, 'Crag & Tail', (which is right under the rock on which the castle sits).

Links through my profile or at the bottom of this post.

Edinburgh really has everything that you are asking for. It even has an extinct volcano that you can climb, and is within walking distance of the City centre. Or you could do a 12 mile riverside walk straight through the city. Plenty of caches and pubs to eat at along the river.

My bookmark lists should be of help!!


...................... stand on a castle wall ....................

You could also visit the most visited castle in the world,* which is Edinburgh Castle. The war memorial sits at the top of the castle and you have to walk through the castle to reach it. If you wish to visit the war memorial say so at the ticket office, you will be given a pass to enter free of charge. However you must go straight there and not visit anything else. :huh: Best to ask for directions if you get lost whilst inside B)


*To the best of my knowledge!

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Hi, MaL!!!!


Hi, Golem!!! (long time no see, eh?)


I do understand we can't see all of it while we are there and I don't want to try. Edinburgh was one spot I thought we'd try for. God bless us, I dunno about London. I'm a native of New York State and I get a bellyful of NY City in a day or so (though my husband is fond of the theater, perhaps that is something to look into when we are there...)


And tho' my husband's folk are from Lincolnshire, he doesn't understand WHY we might visit there, so that might be whisked off the agenda as well.


As you can plainly see, we are very much open to suggestions, here. An event might be a good thing for us. And fun, too.

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Lincoln has a fantastic 11th century castle and georgeous cathedral so it is worth visiting Lincoln for both of these things alone. Personally, I think the cathedral is the best I've ever seen, but I'm biased! It doubled at Westminster Abbey in alst year's "Da Vinci Code". The castle is also lovely and completely different to Edinburgh Castle.

The only trouble with Lincoln is that it is not the easiest place to get to, either by train or by car but it's definitely worth a detour if you're heading north/south along the A1. In additoin there is a cache called "Lincoln sightseeing tour" that I haven't done but should do next month.

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I agree with the suggestion of Edinburgh.


May I also suggest the Chilterns. LOADS of caches, lots of picturesque villages with thatches cottages etc. Nice walks with PUBS, including along the Ridgeway, which is stunning in places. Not too far out of London so public transport is easy...

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A week or two is a very short time to get a flavour of the UK which I suppose is why most tourists don’t get far outside of London as it’s a must-see for most and certainly has enough attractions to fill that time.


For scenery though, you should consider the ‘Lake District’ in Cumbria (though parts of Scotland and Yorkshire would be good too). Handily, after a couple or more days there, you can then take a drive and/or walk along Hadrian’s Wall, which I would thoroughly recommend. There are loads of caches along it, of all difficulty and terrain levels, mainly thanks to The Smileys – have a look at their profile or on Google Earth for an idea.


There are also dozens of castles in Northumberland and the Borders region, which is a shortish drive to Edinburgh (I agree with the other posts that it’s a great city to visit).

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Edinburgh was one of my highlights when I last visited Scotland in 05 and it's not that far from there to Stirling, which is where the landscape starts to get wilder as you move into the first hills of the highlands. Heading north from there, you have Glen Coe (very spectacular valley between mountains) and a route up to the west coast, which is the wild n windy, but oh-so-beautiful bit of Scotland.


In Wales, the north-west corner is very pretty, with mountains and beautiful seascapes, as well as castles and picturesque places like Portmeirion (the 'Village' on The Prisoner 60's TV series) Very friendly people there - so long as they don't think you're planning on buying a holiday home there :D


England's very varied, from the mountains of Cumbria, to the Viking history of York with the moors and dales close-by. There's the industrial history of Ironbridge (the cradle of the Industrial Revolution that turned the world from fields and cottages to factories and railways) and the wild south-west (pirates!) of Cornwall and Devon. London's well worth a visit, but I can't stand more than a couple of days there myself, so I know what you mean by bellyful. It's a very diverse country with something for everyone: Music-lovers get a kick out of Liverpool, Oxford's beautiful and has a good 1000 years more history than NY, the coast has a lot of historic fortifications (because the French are only 22 miles away in places!)... If you've an idea of what you'd like to see, I'm sure we can steer you the right way :D

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