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911turbos personal geocoin


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Introducing our new personal coin.




The back reads "New Places, New Friends, New Adventures"


The Specifications are:

Length: 58mm (2.25 inches)

Height: 20mm (.75 inches)

Thickness: 3.5mm

Polished Nickel

Geocaching.com trackable with a custom icon

Total minted: 500

Produced by: landsharkz

We will have 250 for sale and landsharkz will be selling the remaining 250

Price is $9.50 canadian (~ $8.25 US)


Shipping for USA/Canada will be $2.50 cdn (~ $2.15 US) for 2 coins and 50 cents for each additional coin. International shipping will be determined once we have the coins.


If you are interested, please contact us through our geocaching profile with the following information:


Caching Name:


Real Name:


Paypal email address:


Shipping address:


Number of coins:


You may also contact landsharkz if you wish to purchase the coins through them. We will invoice you through paypal once the coins are on their way from China, appoximately 2-3 weeks.

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I !!!LOVE!!! cars SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! (mostly american muscle) I ordered 2 coins. I also have been thinking of making some 67' Shelbly GT500 Elenor coins!


Oh Ohh Ohh!! Definately put me down for a few if you do!!! :D:D




Nice 911's there! :D

I missed out on this run, maybe I can catch them at Landsharks.


Any chance of doing another run on them in different colors? Signal Red, perhaps? :laughing: (hint-hint) :D


D-man B)

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The coins are being shipped from China. We should be able to start shipping orders around February 14th if all goes well. I will send paypal invoices to all those that ordered next week. We are sold out, but landsharkz should have them on their site sometime next week. Thanks!


Thank you for the update!

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Any chance of doing another run on them in different colors? Signal Red, perhaps? :wub: (hint-hint) ;)


D-man :D


Should that not be Signal Green :blink:


We missed out too so will be heading off in landsharkz direction. Mind you it has got us thinking of maybe manufacturing our own coin based on our caching transport a Cayenne .



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