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Pocket Caches are Back?


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IBTL, and just wanted to update the numbers for this discussion.

As of 5:30 PM EST there have been 344 posts and 5486 views of this thread.

So only 6% of the views have found it necessary to add to the discussion.

Furthermore the top 10 posters now represent 174 of those posts, or 50.8%.

Seems like very little has changed except for a few post counts have gone up. :drama:;)


PS I didn't track it, but I don't think anyone new has cracked the top 10 in the past 24 hours either. :blink:

I thought it wasn't about the numbers?



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Yo, guys. Way back 8 pages ago the OP simply was pointing out a fact, grant it, he knew this dicussion would follow :blink: , but it was only a statement of the obvious.


No, we can't control how someone plays.


No, we can't "legislate" it.


Yes, they look silly doing it.


Yes, people will continue to point it out time to time.


No, you can't stop it from coming up in the forums.




Did that cover everything? :P

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