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2007 CITO Geocoin

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would like to give away a 2007 coin as a prize.
I know this is not as exciting, but could you give the ACTUAL coin away later?

I thought of that, and it may be one option, although as you put it, not as exciting. The other is to get the 2006 one for $5. I think i'll give it some time, since we still have over 2 months until then.

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I have no idea what is going on in planning this, but can tell you from (many) other coin experiences that it can be as quick as 14 days to get coins in hand from the time the artwork hits the mint.


Keep in mind that means in-hand to the person who ordered them (Groundspeak) and then would need to be inventoried and sold, etc. - BUT the coin making process is not very long.


Again, I have no affiliation with Groundspeak on these coins, but talking in general.


So.....as you said - hang tight and see what happens.


Oh, and the 2006 CITO coin is one of my favorites.

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The design for the 2007 CITO coin is now done (as of this morning). We will be sending it to the manufacturer within the next day and hope to have them in stock by mid-March at the latest.


very good news...thanks young man :huh:



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Can someone provide an updated link for the 2007 CITO Geocoin. The above link is leading me to a "Product Not Found" page there.


Thank you!



Same problem here. I already have my coin, but was trying to find the photo of the coin there. The coin doesn't seem to exist any more anywhere on their site, even on their sold out page.


To make matters worse, I can't activate my coin! I enter the tracking number and activation code (yes I entered every digit correctly) and when I click on activate, geocaching.com changes one of the digits on the tracking number and says it doesn't exist in the system! :smile:

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OK, it's there now. Thank you.


I must admit, I'm VERY disappointed that these weren't available prior to the 2007 International CITO Day...


That just perplexes me.


Thanks, again, for the info everyone.


Sorry, but they were available prior to this weekend... I have mine. :unsure: Perhaps if you wanted to reward your CITO attnedees, you could give them a rain check and when the coins arrive, have a mini-event to hand them out?! Just an idea. :blink:

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We purchased some Geocoins months ago, but my kids took them out of the plastic wrappers and we have lost the activation codes.


Where can I get activation codes for the CITO Geo coins? Thanks...


Please email contact@Groundspeak.com and include the CITO geocoin tracking numbers in your email.

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