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MISSION Geocoin: Secret Cupid!


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Trades received and now cupid's arrows are taking my packages to my valentines!


I don't know about anyone else but everytime I read this thread

A Sam Cooke song keeps running through my head....


Cupid draw back your bow

And let your arrow go

Straight to my valentine's heart for me (Nobody but me)


Cupid please hear my cry

And let your arrow fly

Straight to my valentine's heart for me

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:cool::wub::)THANK YOU SECRET CUPID!!! :):D:D



I know that wasn't easy looking thru my long list of non pictured coins of all the coins I do have but no real seeking list :cool:


Here is what I received and have been wanting too!!!






PLUS!! yes there is more people LOL....I also got 2 really cool Canadian 25¢ Elizabeth II D.G. REGINA Coins that were made for breast cancer awareness and have the ribbons on the back and the one in the very middle is in color no less!! These are very special because I lost two people I loved to breast cancer and also special because YOU gave them to me!!


Thank you very much for all the thought and care you took in being my secret cupid....it is VERY much APPRECIATED and so I just have to tell you....YOU ROCK SECRET CUPID!!! B):wub::D THANK YOU BIG TIME!!! :wub:

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Mine arrived in the mail today -


THANK YOU so much!!


I got 3 very fun coins that I will soon be activating and sending out.....


I got a Canadian Micro coin

A Caching in the Holidays coin

and a North Carolina micro coin..


Thanks so much - Mine are all packaged up and ready to fly off in the morning........Someone in a very far away country can keep their eyes open for them... :cool::cool:

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I just recieved my secret cupid package and I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to whoever you are cause I got some really nice coins. Thanks to you again, whoever you might be, you did an outstanding job :blink:

Well spill the beans like everyone else G28! What'dya get?!


Ok here is what I got


1. Alabama Coin

2 GoJayBee Hazards of Caching coin (AWESOME DESIGN)

3. Iowa Coin

4. Canine Cachers Coin 2006 V3 :wub:


Thank you again and thanks to Fluttershy for putting this all together.

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I'd like to thank my Secret Cupid for sending me my favorite kind of surprise. The kind of things that you want, but for some reason you just haven't gotten on your own. Two of the coins sent to me where on my mental wish-list, scary that it was read from afar. I got:


Forty-N-Eight's Washington Quarter - Antique Silver

Golden State - Antique Gold

Kootenay Cachers 2006 - Black Nickel


I like them all... THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!

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I decided to sell a small amount of my Bee coins. I won't divulge the information here, because they're

not trackable.


All that I've discussed prior to this, remains intact.


(As well as the BN Bee ONLY being for Trade only).






Thanks! I bought some, least I could do to help out with your costs! I might put them up for auction for my March of Dimes collection at some point if that would BEE ok with you.


Edit to add: I just noticed I was the 5000th view!

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My Cupid Coins arrived today. My arrow arrived from across the pond - yet it was right on target. I loved the coins! Thanks, Ann.


I recevied:


1) GeoFood polished gold

2) February (my B-day) 2006 Signal coin

3) Geobaby boy gold . .


PLUS: 3 SCAW poker chips and one wooden nickel . . .


PLUS: 1 SEPAG geocin to release as a traveler, AND 1 GEO geocoin oval to release as a traveler.


You went above and beyond the call of Cupid . . . and made my day! :(

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I finally was able to get my mission mailed today. And as a reward, I found Cupid had been to my house already!


A got a box of hearts :anicute: and 4 coins:


F/A-22 Raptor

Canada's First Geocache

ID Micro

& Geopelli!!!


I didn't have any of them. Mahalo Nui Loa (Thanks the mostest) Cupid. Now I need to go back and find the post that explains how we can thank our Cupids for beeing so sweet. :(


And on a side note, Idaho is one of 4 states I (jrr) have never been to, but in the last couple months we've gotten some really great packages from there. Makes me think we do need to plan a trip out that way sooner, rather than later.

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Hi everyone!


Thanks for really making Secret Cupid special! I'm having so much fun with it!


I've received several Bee requests and shipping payments and I should have my Bees

next week to start mailing out!


I hope to have them mailed out by Friday.


I'll let everyone know by Wednesday evening about the Bees.

I'll send emails to those who aren't on the receiving list for a Bee, and give you an opportunity to get one as well. You'll just have to help toward shipping.


My goal is to make this a positive experience, so if you don't receive a Bee from your recepient, please don't be sad. You can definately still get one! (One Per Person)


I won't respond to the Bee emails until I have them next week. So don't worry if you haven't heard anything from me yet. I'm a little overwhelmed with email right now... lol.


That's it for now... :(

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Cupid delivered my first package today:) Oh how exciting!!!


I received:


1). 2007 South Carolina :anicute:

2). Netherlandse Geocoin 2007, :anicute:


3). Jan & The Percey Boys - Puzzle Caching :anicute:


PLUS... a set of 3 'Jan And The Percey Boys - Chester Cachers' coins!!!! :anicute::(B)


WOW oh WOW. Thank you Secret Cupid... although, I don't think it's such a big secret now :(


I love them all - they're great!! HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY


Thanks you so much my 'Secret Cupid'. B)


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PS. I'm close to mailing my missions. I am waiting on a couple of coins to go into them (deliveries from the US seem to have hit a very big bottleneck somewhere - shipping times have doubled since early Jan!), but if they're not here Monday, then I will subsitute others for what I intending to send and get them underway.

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Cupid has arrived at my doorstep (and brought a bit of sunshine) with some AWESOME coins. I am TOTALLY thrilled!!!! Cupid brought me the


Battle Of Chancellorsville coin from the Civil War Series (this is beautiful and the only one in the series I have)

Gold ALAKSA 2006 coin (Even more beautiful than the pictures I've seen)

CRAKE Suncatcher "COOL".....this is awesome.....if I give this to my lady I may have a good weekend LOL ;-)


My Secret Cupid also sent along a great Sig item which my son will love (you have similar interests!)


Thanks so much for making this such an awesome thing to be a part of. It's really important to remember all of the smiles that things like this can bring to people. You definately brought some smiles to my family! Thanks TC!




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SlumberSix' Cupid arrived, and Thank you! :unsure:


(I was asked to post this)


Thanks for posting it for me... They reinstated my posting privileges so now I can post again!


Anyways, received who to send out coins to, shipped coins out, dc appears to say they arrived.


Now just waiting on receiving mine! I'm so excited.

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Our secret cupid arrived today and boy were they uper fantastic to us ;):) :)


We received:


Benchmark pin-

Little Hopper-very cute

Idaho micro-Love it!

Singapore Island 2006-Neato


Wooden silvermarc coin-fun

Sydney Australia Koala coin-LOVE IT! We missed out on buying this one so this was an awesome surprise to get it from our secret cupid!


Thanks so much for being so so generous! This made the end of a tough week so much better

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Happy, happy day :) a cool looking package was stuffing the mailbox when we got home tonight! A cool little dog is hanging out on the corner after leaving his traveling tracks all over the envelope. I just know I've seen that little pup (last week I think) and there was another one inside, too :)


The package was wrapped uuber-secure and contained a fantastically generous Valentine's surprise: First we opened a heavy Black Nickel spinning Top Geocoin followed by an Antique Gold Nutlady personal coin! Next we found a beautiful two-tone Canine Cachers (none of the photos I've seen truly does justice to the amazing amount of detail in this coin) Size Matters Geocoin. The last package held a gold I Love Geocoins coin and another one of those cool little pups in a custom Secret Cupid token. :)


Thank you so much for these wonderful coins and especially for taking the time to construct a Valentine's token. Really an amazing display of generosity and not a single coin that we've managed to get our paws on yet ;) I just know I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night and remember where I saw that furry little pup so I can write you my thanks, but until I do please accept my most heartfelt gratitude for your gift. ;)

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:) I've been bad and forgot to mention that 1 of my missions got to me. Man, I am SOO sorry it took a couple of days to respond (really about 2 days). I loved my coins and want to give you a great BIG THANK YOU. After reading your note that was sent with them, I know that you really did your research and were very considerate.
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:) I've been bad and forgot to mention that 1 of my missions got to me. Man, I am SOO sorry it took a couple of days to respond (really about 2 days). I loved my coins and want to give you a great BIG THANK YOU. After reading your note that was sent with them, I know that you really did your research and were very considerate.


Soooo we're all waiting to here what that package contained!!!!

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