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MISSION Geocoin: Secret Cupid!


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My Secret Cupid hasn't arrived yet...and I am leaving tomorrow for California and GEOCOINFEST!!! I won't be back in Texas until March 1st...so I want to thank my Secret Cupid today...I will love the coins what ever they are...and Thank You, Allie for setting this all up again...not to be too maudlin...but as a disabled old lady who doesn't get out much...you will never know how much these interactions mean to me...coin trading is 80% of my social life and I just LOVE to give and get surprises...sooo...THANKS and a great big hug to everyone who participated in Secret Cupid...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY...Y'ALL

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My Secret Geocoin Cupid package arrived today & WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!! Not only one, but two coins from my seeking list. I want to really thank you. I would have loved anything but I really appreciate the effort you put into finding coins on my seeking list (I know there isn't a whole lot on it).


My mom and I were just getting ready to head out to buy some Valentine's cards when I decided to check the mailbox again. I knew pretty quickly my geocoin person had sent me something when I saw an envelope too myself, from myself, lol. I had to open it immediately!


First coin I pulled out was an I Love Geocoins geocoin. I heard people talking about this coin but I'd never actually looked at the picture. Way too cute! That is absolutely adorable. Thank you so much!!!


Next coin I pulled out was Scratch-n-Win's personal coin. Double Wow!!! I have wanted one of these for so long. I absolutely love Hello Kitty. The coin is so cute! I didn't know they only made 100 of them. Mine is number 14. :)


The last coin I opened up had my mouth dropping to the floor. A Tiki YAWP coin, OMG!!!! Triple Wow! I didn't think I would ever see one of these coins. Thank you so much! Now I have a total of 3 coins from the Tiki collection. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :mad:


Thank you again!!!! Bee on the lookout for something special in your mailbox soon!




I had a total of 3 Secret Geocoin Cupids & each of their generosity was unbelievable. Thank you so much to each and every one of you. You all brought me to tears. What kind people this geocoin community is filled with. I look forward to our next secret geocoin giveaway. :mad: I just love spreading the joy too!!!

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My second Secret Cupid package arrived today! And cupid did a wonderful job!! What a great variety of coins!


2006 Dutch Microcoin

Nederlandse Geocoin 2006

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ribbon Geocoin

Canadian Micro

2006 Oakcoins Happy Holidays coin

Evil Micro pin

Moun10Bike pin


box of 'Sweethearts'


and a lovely card


I feel so privileged. A big thank you so very, very much to my secret cupid from Tacoma.

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:Update: :blink::lol::o


All Secret Cupid Bees were mailed today! :rolleyes:


And, I appreciate all of the Thanks, and the wonderful emails...

You're very welcome.


Thank you for Participating in these Missions! I think they will endure here for quite a long time.

What a wonderful way to get to know one another, and be kind to eachother.


I'm so glad I discovered Geocoins! :)

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Yeah!! :rolleyes: My #2 mission envelope from afar was in the mail yesterday!!!

I got one that I've really been trying to get:

06 Walpurgis event; have always liked the design on this baby!

micro micro!


Tennessee "the General" American search engine coin!

Sometimes good things come from foreign lands and to those who wait :blink: THANK YOU SO much!!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to add I love my coins!

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I wish we hadn't missed the Bees - would have loved one of these!

I'll be watching the boards for the next 'exchange' project!


But at least there's one Bee on eBay I can watch!


already a bee on ebay?? good lord!


Do we know if it is Allie that is auctioning it off? If so then she has all the rights in the world to sell it, if not then maybe I will buy it and gift it back to her :P .




The auction is out of Kansas so I can draw to conclusion that it is not Allie.

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But at least there's one Bee on eBay I can watch!

already a bee on ebay?? good lord!

Do we know if it is Allie that is auctioning it off? If so then she has all the rights in the world to sell it, if not then maybe I will buy it and gift it back to her :P .

The auction is out of Kansas so I can draw to conclusion that it is not Allie.


Actually, I don't have a problem with people reselling my coins. I've bought many geocoins on ebay, and of course, paid more than what I wanted... but that's ebay.


Once I sell/give a coin away... it's up to the buyer/giftee to do what they want with it. Even if it is sold on Ebay, that eventually, it will be in the hands of someone who wants to keep it.


And when someone does sell one, it doesn't mean that they didn't admire it in the first place.... they might have several, and only want to keep one or two... or they might like a different metal. Who knows?


I'm just happy that I can create something I like and share it with the community, and beyond. :P

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My cupid arrived today! And was very generous! All of these coins are ones I didn't have:


Geocache Alabama


Partners in Caching Zephyr


Partners in Caching Carwyn


South Carolina 2007 Micro


Plus there was a promise of a Geo 40 Series coin when they get them in! This is a wonderful geo-valentine day!!! :P


Thank you seceret geocoin cupid!!!!!

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cry.gif I think the Florida storms may be holding up my Secret Cupid. I am still waiting to be struck by cupids arrow :P .

Also, the pakages did not have to be mailed until 2/7. There is still time...and you're not alone...cupid's arrow is still figuring out our coords, too.


We mailed out out package early last week, and the recipient has not posted yet. Kind-of has me worried that they have not posted that they received it.


No Valentine for me this year :P , I must have been a bad boy :P ! Actually the truth of the matter is I bought me a home for Valentines, HOORAY :D !!!

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Waaaa Woooo!


Pour little Cupid must be worn to a frazzle after flying all the way from New Zealand.


My hands were shaking from anticapation of what Bling-Bling was going to tumble out as I opened this precious package!


A beautiful Silver/Pink Fluttershy geocoin


An explosive Silver Hawaii Volcanoes National Park geocoin


One spectacular, Out of the World, Shiny Gold Satellite Series 2006 v4 (I had not seen this cool looking coin before)


Cupid.gif Thank you! Thank you!


From the bottom of my Heart-4.gif


You are truley a great Cupid.



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Emails Sent

Missions Rec'd

Missions Sent

Cupids Arrived

Missions Arrived

Cupid Thank Yous Requested


PHEW... that was close! :( I am so glad that both my missions arrived before Valentines Day... just! :D


I am now also far better prepared for next time! :D [That blockade in the international transportation of geocoins very nearly wreaked havoc with my missions, and I would nave been saddened if my missions did not arrived in the recipients hands prior to Valentines Day]


Have a great Valentines Day everyone, especially my Secret Cupids, the recipients of my missions, and Allie!





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The bees have landed in Honeydew, California!!! Woot! I will have some for trades at geocoinFest. Allie has sent me a few to trade for her so if anyone has missed out, look at her trade list and come find me at GeocoinFest. I will also have a few to trade myself....So keep me in mind too.


A Super Happy Valentine to Allie and everyone else too...

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:ph34r: :ph34r: :huh:

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! Lots of Fluttershy Hugs!!!!! xoxo


Happy Valentine's Day to you also. May your day be full of Sweetness and Hugs!


You are a special lady. Thank you for your thoughfulness and timeless energy for all the hours you put into this project. It sure made my heart FLUTTER with excitement when I received my Secert Cupid package.



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SC found my house today! I am glad I shoveled out all of that fresh snow!! Talk about getting spoiled! Not only did the package come on St. Valentines day, but what a package it is!!!


Let's see


:unsure: Hoxie Scouts


:blink: Groundhog Day


:grin: German World Championship


And there's more!!


3 coins I didn't know about!


:grin: 2005 Kentucky


;) A special We Will Not Forget September 11, 2001 coin


:P A personal wooden nickel from my SC!


Thanks Allie for getting this going!


Hopefully our move will be completed in time for the next round!

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