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Cross-Country Skiing

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This is my first winter caching. I wondering what brilliant techniques anyone's come up with to hold their GPSr while they're out cross-country skiing. Hung around my neck, it's probably going to get swinging enough to knock me out. If I put it in my pocket, I'll lose satellite reception. Does anyone strap it to their forearm or what?


Also, haven't been north of 7 or west of Mississauga all week. Has anyone else been out on the trails yet? How are they? Any recommendations for the best?


I've got several caches in Walker Woods, which is an absolutely fantastic spot for cross country that I would highly recommend.


I'd love to hear about anyone's favourite caching/skiing adventure.

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Hi, tangerineman!


When cross-country skiing, I hang my GPSr around my neck on a lanyard, and then tuck the unit between two buttons on my coat, antenna facing out. It keeps the signal, stays out of my way, and is easily accessible when I want to look at it. It's not very brilliant, but it works pretty well for me.

- hamgran

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We were out walking on the Elora Cataract Trailway (near geocache GCGTWW) - it's pretty close to Mississauga and the snow was perfect. I may head up this week with my skis if I can free up some time. Enjoy.


I haven't thought about mounting options... I like the idea of strapping it to one's arm. I'll have to think about that one.

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Well, I found the easiest way is to get a Garmin 305. Its like a wrist watch but includes a GPS with features similar to a non-mapping Etrex. Keeps time, shows your track on a map, and you can put cache waypoints in it to find, and tells you how far you've gone and the calories you are burning.



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Time to report back


Finally got out skiing this weekend and had a B L A S T of course! Love skiing. Love Geocaching. Wonderful combination. I ended up stringing the GPS around my neck, secured somewhat with a coat snap. Definitely not perfection, but it worked - I still prefer my bike mount. I'm considering designing a small table to string around my neck - enough room for GPSr, coffee, ski wax and printouts. Heaven.

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