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Who's holding TB's?

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Is there any Travel Bug etiquette?

Use the Golden Rule when you find a Travel Bug. Most owners would rather see their travel bugs do a lot of travelling, so try not to hold on to a travel bug for too long. If you plan on holding onto the bug for more than 2 weeks, make sure to send a courtesy email to the owner letting them know.

The above quote is from the TB FAQ page. How many of you have TB's stuck with cachers that are not releasing them?

I know it is sometimes difficult to stick to the two week "rule" but as the "Golden Rule" stipulate-- send a courtesy email to the owner letting them know something happened and you still have the TB or coin.

One of my TB's Just Bug has been stuck with a cacher from the 14 October 2006. The cacher does not respond to any emails. I see the last time he/she logged into geocaching.com was the 19 January 2007, so it is not liked he/she stopped geocaching.

I'm not going to mention any names but, PLEASE gentleman/lady, if you read this, place my bug in cache so it can travel. If someone else knows this gentleman/lady ask him/her to drop off my TB.

Maybe we should start posting names of TB/Geocoin hoarders here?

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I think we all, at some time, have been guilty of this. I agree that common courtesy dictates that the owner be kept informed of the TB status.


My well-travelled TB went "missing" during its time in Europe, for a LONG time. I had no response from emails, notes on the page, pleas to other cachers to try and track it down so assumed it was gone. But a good few weeks later, it popped into a cache and is still travelling well (around 45000 kms so far).


So .... sometimes it appears all is lost, but due to unforseen circumstances, delays occur. In the case of my TB, the owner had been having serious heart surgery! Understandable in this case, I guess!!!

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I am unfortunately guilty as charged :laughing: . We grabbed a TB (Peter Pan) from CrystalFairy a couple of weeks back and every time I want to log it I don't have the tracking number with me. It went for a nice trip with us this weekend though and I will be logging it later today :drama: .

Hey, Thats my TB! I wondered if I would ever see it again. Ill send you the code via PM.

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Pleese help,


I have 3 TB's against my name that I have transported to the Middle east for disrubution in the desert in November last year. These TB's were handed over to a local Cacher who planned to place it for me. I checked his record and the guy has placed a couple of caches in the Dubai area so all seemed OK. I now also do not get any reply from the guy after sending mails.


How do I get the TB's of my name? Or should I place it into a TB Graveyard till it appears again?

Is their a South African TB graveyard? if not with our history we surely should have one?...

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How do I get the TB's of my name? Or should I place it into a TB Graveyard till it appears again?

Is their a South African TB graveyard? if not with our history we surely should have one?...


The graveyard was debated sometime back... can't recall the details but I think the result was that it was disallowed. Anyway, GC now allows you to mark a TB as missing. So if needs be, send off an email to the TB owners explaining the situation and the mark the TB's as missing. I haven't quite figured out the logic as one does not use it often, but seems that one can sometimes use this, and sometimes not. However, the TB Owner can change the status, so if you can not, request them to do so.


See the story on one of my TB's that went missing for over two years and then was tracked down in an unapproved cache in Peru. BushRat


There's hope!

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:laughing: Yes me is guilty too a bit... two weeks ago we took a drive around porterville to "rescue" some TB's the next week I took a drive to infinity (GCYZ1A) for a drop off - after all the TB's mission is to reach Singapore... only realising there that it was a micro :D well so I gave 'm (TB Mamsell's Husban) a WWOOFing experience at our retreat and made some pic's to "relax" its owner and make 'em feel better about the delay...


However what I like most when grabbing a TB is when there is its mission attached to it so you know imidiately if you should just drop him off at the next cache or if there is a particular direction he wants to travel to... well I better log off and head for a TB landing spot now.

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Carlc picked my Just Bug on the 14/10/2006 and have not answered any emails.

Maybe we should all start sending the cachers mentioned here emails!

Received one email from the above mentioned cacher a month ago. He promised that he will drop the TB but again nothing has happened.

I sent him an email today asking his address so I can send him a self addressed envelope. Hopefully he will now answer again and send me my TB!

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I'm only partly guilty in not dropping off a TB with speed....


I picked up a race TB about a short while ago in CT and brought it back to JHB with good intentions of placing the TB somewhere relatively quickly.

Unfortunately, I haven't come across regular sized cache in a while!! Seems micros are all the rage up here?


Anyway, for the sake of the TB owner I ended up dropping it in a cache that i had already done!

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I am possibly in the worst position that one can be. On 2 April 2006 I started a camera TB in my Carrell's Ledge cache. CacheSyndicate grabbed it, allegedly on that same day (although I think that was a logging error) and promised to take it up the Garden Route.


CacheSyndicate have a total of 8 finds to their name and last visited the website on 8 August 2006. Despite numerous emails asking them to get the camera moving, they have done nothing. They did originally respond to an email, but subsequently have not even had the decency to do that.


The poor camera has therefore travelled zero km!

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Having named and shamed CacheSyndicate for hanging onto my camera travel bug, I have just noticed that they are hanging on to a second TB which coincidentally I was the last person to have before they took it. The TB was released by a school in the USA as an educational tool for a geography class. Great idea until some idiot takes it and does nothing with it.

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