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Batteries removed or not in short storage period?

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Hello, do you remove the batteries when you do not use the unit for short period like week days and re-install batt when you bring it for outdoors activities in week-end? I remove batteries when I store unit for week working days.

- But I'm wondering if it is a good or bad practice? Your opinions? thanks.

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I leave my batteries in the gpsr even if it is a month between uses. I would have the battery compartment hold down worn out if I took the batteries out every time I am not using my gpsr for a week or so. I use lithiums also so leaving them in the gps unit isn't really a problem anyway as battery shelf life is several years or more.

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Okay, just to add another opinion to this thread, I'd leave the batteries in the unit. Why? Well, last week I took the batteries out of my Legend and forgot to replace them. Yesterday I decided to go caching, put some batteries in the unit, entered some waypoints, and happily drove off to the park in search of caches. When I got there I turned the unit on, it could not find any satellites ...even after sitting in the open for over 45 minutes ...because it had the wrong date (the date was for the day I took the batteries out) and satellite almanac/location data. When I returned back home, I had to do a hard reset of the unit and let it download all the satellite almanac data again. Moral: leave batteries in unit.

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No need to hard reset. Just tell it to start a new search, and it will find itself in a few minutes. I don't think it makes all that much difference for a few days, if you're sure it's only going to be a few days. Lithium batteries should be fine in the unit for months, but alkaline are a different story. I tend to leave batteries in mine all the time, and have had no problems using NiMH batteries. Sometimes it's a month or so before I use the GPS again, more often just a few days.

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