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Cache repair Kit

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I always carry a small maglite in my backpack. I wrapped a few inches of black electrical tape and camo duct tape around the handle. It provides a little more grip and if I need to make some repairs to a cache it's there for me to use.


I also carry a few spare baggies, some small pencils and a few micro logsheets.



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I have a small roll of duct tape in my pack and usually have some extra baggies, golf pencils and a logbook somewhere in my pack.


Sometimes I have a fully stocked Lock n Lock in my pack in case I find a good place for a cache while I'm on the trail. I've used this to replace a broken container a couple of times.

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What do you carry for cache repair when you go out. I know this has probably been discussed before so if some one could link me this would be great. I want to put together a couple of kits. One for the car and one for my day pack.


I keep a roll of duct tape, extra pens, ziplocs, and I think a spare logbook or two in my geopack (which is almost always in the car unless I bring it in to log finds and TBs). This way I have all of my stuff with me when I find a cache so if it needs repair I don't have to go back to the car first.



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