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Bad Good Cache Locations

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With my job as a surveyor, I see lots of different places at work; many of them offer great places for a cache. However, they are often private property, Fish and Wildlife land, or some other sort of Non-Geocaching spot.


The first one is a bluff overlooking the bottoms. You can see for miles. It's beautiful at night when the moon is out and the town is lit up off to one side. However, it's Fish and Wildlife property. (And they've changed the lock <_< ) So even though it'll never be developed (which is a good thing), and the previously existing paved road ends about 15 feet from where I'd put the cache, it's forever to be a spot that is off-limits.


Working in the land out behind the land fill today, I found a gianormous tree that had fallen over, roots intact. (Big as in about 6 ft diameter.) It was hollow, and there is a big area at the "base" of the tree, and only a small hole visible from the bottom of the roots. I could crawl in there myself. It's a neat sight, and with a river and ponds nearby, fun to explore. However, I'm pretty sure that even though the land fill isn't using it, and it's a clean area, I won't get to show this locale to anyone except my work partner.


We don't use our mail box, it's just up there as an address marker, everything goes to a PO Box. Why not put a cache there? I figure that's not exactly legal, though it is our box, and the mail person never even checks.


What about you guys, any good hides that you can't use?

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A remote area of large spring fed lakes about 30 miles from my house. Wide open prairie, rarely visted by people. Spring brings a deep emerald lush grass and flowing creeks. Late summer, the wildlife is thinck - birds of all kinds, deer, fox, coyote etc. Winter brings a blanket of snow, winds and harsh conditions but even that holds silent beauty. I love the area and get out there when I can.


Sadly it is also a US Game refuge and therefore off limits to caching. I am seeking permission to put one at the office building out there - we will see.

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You sure you're not allowed on that fish and wildlife property? We have things like that around me, and they just limit the time of day you are allowed in there. Could be different by you though.


I was assuming that the below meant we could not place on F&W property. Or does it only mean without permission?


Caches may be quickly archived if we see the following (which is not inclusive):

* Caches on land maintained by the U.S. National Park Service or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (National Wildlife Refuges)


Of course, it is currently a moot point, as there are No Tresspassing signs and a locked gate at the access point. I will keep checking back to see if that changes, though.

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An area like that near me that comes to mind is Morristown National Historic Park (run by the National Park Service so its off limits). It's a very interesting place, being that its where George Washington and the Continental Army spent two winters, including the worst winter of the war.


MNHP is actually 3 parts. Jockey Hollow which is over 3,000 acres of woodland with some outstanding views and many historic spots, Ford Mansion, which was built in the 1760's and is a few miles away from Jockey hollow and where Washington and his officers spent the winter in relative luxury, and Fort Nonsense which is the site of fortifications built to protect the army sheltered in Jockey Hollow. I actually have a cache at Ft Nonsense that uses an object on the grounds to provide coordinates for a cache hidden just outside the park boundry.


It's a perfect spot for geocaching. Ironically, not long ago I read a newspaper article where the park management was lamenting the fall off in visitors.

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Some of the memorials and monuments in Washington DC could be fun places to hide a cache! :D

Imagine a small tube shaped container being held in Lincoln's hand, and you had to climb up into his lap. :D

Or perhaps a bison tube on a piece of monofilament dropped down a gun barrel at one of the military branch memorials? :D

Maybe a fake turd carefully placed behind Fala to the right of FDR? :D


Yup, lots of cool and unavailable spots on the Mall. :D

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The Big Lost river goes under ground on Idaho National Labatory lands. The lands are posted and patrolled. Cool as it would be to see a river disapear underground before it comes out at Thousand Springs, this is a cache that won't be placed.


The Great Rift is where the lava flows that flooded Southern Idaho originated. The lava flows in the area are NPS controlled. You can place a cache near one since that's BLM controlled...but not one one.

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