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Weekend camp/cache event coming soon!

Rockin Roddy

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We are in the process of planning a weekend camping event to be held at WALTER J HAYES STATE PARK THE WEEKEND OF MAY 18th-20th!! Much more info to come soon, keep checking this post or you can email me if you have any questions!


The park offers great fishing, playgrounds, boat launch, beach and modern camping! Camp site prices tbd...should know more soon!! Expect some great activities for the kids, great event caches as well as many caches already placed (with room for many more to be published to coincide with the event) and great games and contests!


email or pm me with questions or if you'd like to help in any way! <_<


ALSO...we MAY be having a coin made if there is enough interest!


Here's the link to the MIGO forums topic on this! http://www.mi-geocaching.org/modules.php?n...&highlight=

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We are in the process of planning a weekend camping event to be held at WALTER J HAYES STATE PARK THE WEEKEND OF MAY 18th-20th!! Much more info to come soon, keep checking this post or you can email me if you have any questions!


ALSO...we MAY be having a coin made if there is enough interest!



How far into MI is this? We are just south of the SW point of MI (15 miles S of New Buffallo, MI) But will travel! Especially for a coin!! <_<

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WOW 501...this is almost straight across from you!!! I'm at Devil's Lake which is about 15 miles or so from the Ohio border!!!


The park is located just down from Brooklyn, off US12 in the Irish Hills area...about 10 minutes from MIS Speedway.


I put one of our TR&T hides on the thread to give everyone a map of where this will be, we have something like 12 caches in Hayes State Park...and just down the road another 4 miles is Hidden Lake Gardens where we have another 15 hides.


I go out to visit MaxB in Niles and the trip is 2-3 hours depending on the traffic. From here, it's roughly 4 hours to Chicago...all you Illinois cachers!! We are 1 hour or less from Toledo, 1 hour or less from Lansing, 1 hour or so from Detroit!!


Edit to add: We are currently working with Rusty to see what we can do about a coin...but I'd love to get one made, maybe I'll be posting a topic in the coin forums soon, with details and possibly order info!!



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Team Cammo has offered us the use of their GP medium tent for use in case of bad weather!!! This tent will be PLENTY big to hold everything we need!!! THANKS TO TEAM CAMMO!!!!


We need to know if there will be interest in a coin. I have a rough draft of the image, I don't have a scanner or any idea of how to post a picture here though!!


Coin would be a picnic scene with kids flying a kite (I think), we could add a couple cachers w/GPS walking toward an ammo box under a bush!! We could add the Hayes logo AND the MIGO logo (w/permission).


ANY SERIOUS INTEREST...please post here...if we can get enough interest, we'll do a presale and go from there!!! If anyone would like to lend a hand and post the image for me, I could mail it to you or take a picture of it and email that to you!! I think this part should be posted to the coin page but I won't do that until I have more info...and see what kind of interest there would be!! If you know of anyone that might want this coin, please send them this way!! AND POST!!!!

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If you don't want to invest a lot, but still want a trackable, tradable, unique Geocaching item, then check out Pathtags. They aren't as expensive, and they fit in film canisters, so they can travel from cache to cache a lot easier. They are also very high quality and easy to take with you.


And no, I don't work for them. A friend of mine does and they really are a good idea.

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The Lazy Hayes Days has now been published!!!! More info will be coming along as we get it, this looks to be a very nice setting for some fun and relaxation!!! Bring your fishing boats, your camping gear and sense of adventure as this park has some really fun caches already hidden, with plans for many more in time for the event!!


I will be posting a bookmark of local caches so anyone interested will be able to have a list, my guess is that you'll come up a good number to find...I did a search and came up with 200 caches (give or take) within 20 miles from the campgrounds...there are something like 15 in the park itself as of publication of the event!!


ANY QUESYIONS OR COMMENTS...write me at roddyville65@comcast.net!!

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We are going forward with the production of a coin!! Rusty has taken on this task for us, as soon as I get the artwork finished and approved, we'll be posting that!!


The event seems to be coming together nicely, a few activities are already planned, some more are in the planning!!


For everyone that DOESN'T know about the area, Wampler's Lake and Round Lake are both accessible from the Park, there are boat launches for both lakes...and a small fishing "pier" on Round Lake. Fishing here is pretty good, we have a variety of species to go after including walleye and small and largemouth bass. Wampler's is a large lake.


Stagecoach Stop, Mystery Hill, Sand Lake, Hidden Lake Gardens and McCourtie Park are just a few of the area attractions nearby, Hidden Lake Gardens boasts another 15 caches with plans for another 5-10 for the event. The "Oh, Those Irish Hills" organization is gearing up to help welcome everyone in and of course the Hayes park staff are working closely with us to assure this event will be fun and enjoyable for all!!


The event is published GC10ZVM, take a look and sign up for all the fun!!

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The coin design is complete...we are working to finalize it all and then we'll have a COIN!!!! Thanks to Rusty (personalgeocoins), this will be a reality!!


Everything is coming together great!! We're working on all the small details now and soon will have some more details about the event!!


We are looking for donations of prizes for the prize table...anyone with something can contact me through gc or email me at roddyville65@comcast.net!!!

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Things are coming along fine, I met with some people and worked on some ideas. It's all looking great! Coins should be coming in a few weeks...can't wait! Thanks Rusty!!! Met with Team Cammo at the Belle Isle event yesterday, worked on getting all the gear our way...Thanks Team Cammo and we sure had a lot of fun caching with you guys!!


I'll be working on getting prices for local hotels and cabins...we should be able to accomodate our non-camping visitors comfortably!! I'll post a list as soon as I get the information!


Come on out and help us ring in the summer months! There's all kinds of local tourist attractions very nearby! Mystery Hill, StageCoach Stop and Hidden Lake Gardens are just a few....and we're right down from MIS! All kinds of great fun to be had in this scenic area! AND...don't forget that the Michigan Cache Across America is just down the road!!

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What...you wouldn't think I'd kidnap one of those little beauties...do you?? I might, but I'm appalled that you'd think this! :oB):(:blink:


I agree that we'll have to work on Brad...but for your sanity?? You may be putting yourself in an insane world when you come up here, You might just be as sane as you'll get! Not that this is a BAD thing...we love to get crazy now and then...don't we? :P


Seriously though Amber...bring the family and expect some fun!! We've got plans for the youngsters as well as us old kids!!

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Here is the final artwork for the Lazy Hayes Days event coin!! Coin name TBD! Only 100 of these will be made, event attendees will have first crack at them and then we'll see what is left! Prices TBD and will be posted soon!


edit to add: The regular coin will be black nickel the gold coins will NOT be available to anyone other than staff and for prizes!

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OK...some info on area B&Bs:


Dewey Lake Manor located, at 11811 Laird rd in Brooklyn MI (517) 467-7122, has given a discount price for that weekend (May 18th-20th). The 10% discount is available for all that mention Geocaching, MiGo or our Lazy Hayes Days event!


Bed of Roses B&B, located on US 12 just 1/4 mile from M50 has also offer the same 10% discounted prices. (888) 356-5325 bedofroses.us or email at www.IHBedofRoses@aol.com


More info to come, this is really starting to come together great!

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We're getting close now...can't wait!!


I could use some help with prizes though!! If anyone would like to donate to our prize table, I'd be GREATLY appreciative!! All prizes will be placed on the prize table or into caches for the event!!


A few prizes have already been donated (JimBobWe...THANKS!!!), a Tommy Trojan coin, a Civil War coin and a few sets of my personal coins...plus an ANTHUS LAPTOP coin I bought will be used!! Any donations will be much appreciated!!



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Hello Othum


Yes...there are hookups for electric and water (although I'm not sure if there is water for every site, I know there is water to fill up camper tanks and water supplies close by to all camping). Camping is modern, I don't know about pull-through sites, but all sites have paved drives as well as the roads being paved. There is a sanitation dump as well.

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GETTING INTO THE FINAL STRETCH!! I can already smell the campfires and the ribs cooking! WOW, this is going to be a blast!


We've got another 8-10 caches placed and ready to publish (bringing the total IN THE PARK to 20+)...and MANY more very nearby! A cache rich location to vacation! Also, the Cache Across America is only a short drive down US 12!


Bring your fishing poles, a boat if you have one, your sense of adventure AND many household items (hey, you never can tell what will be on the scavenger hunt list!!). Camping will be fun with sooo many great cacher companions, the s tories told around the campfire, the marshmallows....ooohhhh my!

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