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Who wants to design my next coin?


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I made a decent attempt at designing a personal coin for my wife and I recently and learned a lot, but I have been toying with another idea for a coin which I feel is a bit beyond my current capabilities.


I have put my ideas to paper and drew some rough sketches (and of course when I showed my son he laughed at the sheep on it :rolleyes: ...but they aren't sheep). :blink:


So I thought I would take a different approach here and offer it up to anyone in the geocaching community who would like to take on the task of creating the artwork based on my design and ideas. This coin WILL be gc.com trackable and will have it's own icon. In return for your efforts, if your design is chosen, you will receive several of these coins.


If you are interested, either post here or send me an email and I will email you what I have drawn on paper along with my ideas. In the end, My family and I will choose the design that we like the best.

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So far I have had 4 people express interest in doing the artwork. I have created a web page with pics of my drawings and my thoughts for the coin...which I have forwarded to these 4 people. Thanks. If anyone else is also interested in taking a try just let me know.


I prefer not to post my designs publically yet, but I am thinking that I might post the designs that people come up with here and have the geocoin community decide on which design to choose...but we'll see first what kind of submissions I get.

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